Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Jessi's Take on Puppy Love & Cats Too Photo Party Link Up

In case you guys hadn't noticed, my mom has been super swamped the last week or so....the to-do list has been growing and growing and not much has been crossed off.  That makes her cranky and I believe a bit overwhelmed.  Even though I have only participated once, Jack and I love this monthy link up with Mrs. Becky over at Reinventing the Ordinary

linkup 175

When mom missed the first link up day on Monday, she pretty much gave up and said that we would get back on track next month.  Lets face it blog peeps, this is our one guaranteed time each month to shine and I was not going to let it pass us by. So, without further ado, I am highjacking mom's blog for one measley post.

Hi!  I'm Jessi aka BG - that stands for Baby Girl
Things are finally settling down a bit since my arrival.  Jack still chases me (a lot) and bites the heck out of me, but I am holding my own.  The hissing has been reduced to a minimum and we are no longer separated during the day when mom and Zach are gone.  We are now down to a one litter box household although it is a pretty big box.  Both of our bowls are on the same mat (but we sure wouldn't mind winning a new one!) now and we are eagerly awaiting our fountain which should be here any day now!

Look mat!
Mom wants us to be best friends, but I am just not sure that is ever going to happen. 

Jack's favorite toys are these crazy plastic balls with jingle bells inside decorated with streamers and feathers.  Honestly, they give me a headache and I cannot imagine what he sees in them.  I on the other hand, prefer small soft toys infused with designer cat nip...designed for the more discriminating feline.  Sometimes, I wonder if he was raised in a barn...hhmmpff!  Although I came from the streets, I am adapting quite nicely to my mostly indoor existence with my occasional visit to the very roomy patio - even withstanding the extreme Texas heat lately.

Lounging in the 100 degree heat
All in all, life is good.....could my brother  be a bit betcha.  But things could always be worse, so I am riding this Purina train for all that it is worth.  Mom and Zach more than make up for the pain that is my brother Jack!  I love my people!!!

Jack being silly
Thanks so much for dropping by and reading my post....what if this makes me FAMOUS?!?!  Please don't forget to stop over and say hello to Mrs. Becky at Reinventing the Ordinary and all the other puppies and cats that are linking up.  Until next month......


  1. adorable Julie :O

  2. Oh Jessi.... I feel your pain. I'm visiting my cousin in newport beach for the weekend. He's like huge....and he runs around all the time like he has no brakes....he thinks he's still a puppy. When will this guy relax. I gotta keep my wits about me and hide. I'm so glad things are warming a bit. Maybe by next month you guys will be best buds....who could happen. Thanks so much for joining my party and for the kind words your mom had to say about my mom. Luv ya cat breath ... blake

  3. Very good day for you and you have enjoyed it very much. I think this one is one of your rememberer moment which you will never forgot.

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