Thursday, July 17, 2014

snap.scrap.share: Thursdays w/ Katie Stories - July 2015

I think I have hit a new blog low...Katie has now officially done my last two posts.  I refuse to make excuses, it is what it is.  There has been a lot going on in my world and I am going to attempt to carve some time out this weekend to get a post or two done...I hope that you will bare with me!

Katie NEVER lets me down...she remembers her post even when it is not even on my radar.  Yes, she is THAT good!  So without further ado, here is Katie for the July edition of "snap.scrap.share"....

Katie Stories

Happy Thursday everyone!

Even though I've been really into making traditional layouts lately, I still think I create more Project Life layouts than anything, because there is always a new week to create a page for!

Some weeks end up having more going on {and consequently, more pictures and journaling!} than others. This was a particularly busy week. School ended + we went on road trip + we visited Atlanta for the first time, so there were a lot of things to document!

Week 23 | June 2 - June 8, 2014

I used the left side of this layout to show everything not vacation related, including the end of the school year things {presents from my students + saying goodbye to my coworkers} and sending back a heart monitor that I had to wear (fortunately, everything is okay)

The right side I filled with pictures + journaling about Harbor Island, South Carolina, our road trip's destination.

But in between the last day of school and getting to Harbor Island, we drove all the way there and stopped in Atlanta! So I used an insert for those pictures. I like that the insert is between the two pages so it stays in chronological order!

Do you like to keep your pictures + layouts in chronological order, or do you prefer to jump around?

Thursday, June 19, 2014

snap.scrap.share Thursdays w/ Katie Stories: June 2014

It's that time again....Katie is here to share a super fun layout from her husband's bachelor party last fall.  I could tell you how much fun this paper line is, but then I would be stealing Katie's thunder and I would never want to do that!

Katie Stories

Speaking of stealing thunder, I am currently working on some layouts with this same paper line for a coworker. I am going to share a couple of them at the end of this post.  Because of previous wedding memory keeping that she had done, I was convinced that I had to use this line as well, at least for some of the layouts.  And before you think I'm a contributor post crasher, yes, I did get Katie's blessing...she is cool like that!


Hi everyone!

It's time for the first summer edition of snap.scrap.share. This week I'm sharing a layout from last summer. Well, the layout is from this summer, but the event is from last summer.

A few months ago, I made a bachelor party layout about my husband's party in New Orleans. I used a picture I kind of liked, but I couldn't find the one I really wanted. Of course, I found the picture immediately after I finished the layout.

And, of course, I couldn't remove the other picture and pop this one in there because they were opposite orientations.

I couldn't decide if I wanted to try to add the picture to the other layout, or just let it go, or what to do. Until this week, when I decided to just make another one!

I used the Bella Blvd Engaged at Last line (just like I've been using for layouts of all of our pre-wedding parties!) I seriously love this line, and being able to play with it again definitely played into my decision to make another layout with this picture.

Do you have a favorite paper line? Have you ever made a layout just to have an excuse to use paper that you love?


How cute is that layout???  Thank you so much Katie for sharing!  

OK her are my Bella Blvd Engaged At Last contributions.  I am working on a wedding album for a coworker/friend and these are from her bachelorette party.

I loved that little strip on the first layout, but kept thinking it needed something.  I glittered the tutu portion of the skirt and loved how it turned out.....
The lady that I was scrapping with suggested that I add a little bling to each element of the strip and we also added a little sparkle to the ring...
It was just what this layout needed to go with the shimmery silver paper that framed the bride to be!  Thank you so much for stopping by today! 

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Blast From the Past: Sanibel Island Scrapbook

I have been dying to share something scrappy.  Unfortunately, A) much to my dismay, I haven't been scrapping much and B) one of the projects that I have been wanting to share hasn't been photographed yet.  

I could just say that I have been incredibly lazy, but that wouldn't exactly be the truth.  If you have been following me on Instagram, you know that I am all up in the middle of the Beachbody: 21 Day Fix.  I am not going to high-jack my crafty post with fitness, I will save that for another time, but I am truly hooked!

Back to scrapping!  I searched the archives and I don't believe that I have ever shared this album.  It is is my very first true scrapbook.  My parents took Zach and I to Sanibel Island, FL for three vacations since 2006.  I can honestly say that this is one of my happy places.  Sanibel is so very laid back and not over run with touristy stuff.  The city has passed an ordinance that there can be no building over two no high rise condos!!  The beaches are beautiful and don't even get me started on shelling there....Sanibel is known for the "Sanibel stoop".  Shells that I have collected from our trips are some of my most treasured souvenirs.  My mom also vacationed there as a young girl, so to me that makes it even more special.  

Even though this is my first, it is still one of my favorites.  It was a Christmas gift to my parents, so I have to look at it when I am there....but I do secretly wish it stayed with me! : )

Just in case anyone was wondering.  The book is from K & Company and all paper and embellishments are from the Alix line from Anna Griffin.  Thanks so much for stopping by!