Monday, November 28, 2011


With November quickly coming to end, I decided that now would be a good time to list all the things that I am thankful for.  I guess it would have been more appropriate to do this last Thursday, but you know me....always running behind!  So without further delay and in no particular order - ok, there may be a little bit of order.....

1. My amazing parents....their strength is overwhelming (in the dictionary next to "Wonder Woman" there should be a picture of my mom - NO REALLY!)

2. My smart, handsome, loving son(ok, at least usually...he is 11 after all) and for now, budding marine biologist - I truly cannot imagine my life without him

I am also thankful that I have this rockstar of a photographer....who is capturing my "not so little man" growing up!  Jesse Leos -

3. My job....I am so very blessed to have been with the same company for almost 10 years

4. A roof over mine and Zach's head and food on our table (or couch,  since that is where Zach prefers to eat because it is so much cooler than the table)

5. Honestly, some of the best, most supportive and giving friends a girl could ask for...I can only hope that I am the same kind of friend to them in return

6.  In light of the last week it would be a tragic mistake not to be thankful for Dr. Hebeler (heart suurgeon) and the freakishly handsome anesthesiologist than got my father through a 5 and a half hour surgery with flying colors.  Although, my daddy may argue with you about the flying colors part because apparently he is not feeling like a million, he was home three day after surgery walking around the neighborhood 4 days later.  Pretty amazing in my book!

7.  That I am part of an awesome church that accepts me just the way I am.....warts and all!

8.  This last one may be hard for you some of you to believe....but I am thankful for our fur child "Jack".....most of the time he is more than a handful and thinks this apartment should revolve solely for his benefit, but he also brings a lot of fun into our home.  I came home to all the ornaments still on the tree tonight, not to mention the tree still in an upright position.  And for some reason, Zachary loves him even though he tends to give him the most grief.

Although, in true fashion I had to throw in a little humor, I am most grateful for all of the things on my list as well as anyone who takes time out of their day to drop by and read my blog.  I still haven't managed to be consistent, but I am truly coming to love blogging and I hope that in the coming year I can get on a more regular schedule for posting and maybe gain a few followers.  I can't wait to reveal the blog is in fact in the works....hopefully before Christmas!

Night all....and remember, we all have so much to be thankful for!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A Crazy Week......and Happy Thanksgiving!

It is only Wednesday, and the past week has been a blur!  Zachary and I had a really good weekend.  Friday night ended with a pretty serious game of Flashlight Tag / Kick the Can.  I had no idea what to expect, but there was a good turn out and the kids had a great time.  I am not going to explain it, because I tend to be a little long winded (no  Suffice to say, if you have children and they mention it, don't hesitate, just do it!  I wanted to take pics, but it was just too dark even with the parking lot lights.  Zachary left for Boston on Tuesday and because Sunday was the last time that I would see him until next week, I decided to put the tree up a little early this year. Hold on, before you start sending hate mail.....I have never done this before.  It is usually Thanksgiving weekend or later for me and Christmas decorations, but I made an exception this year so that Zach could be part of the festivities.  Although he really only hung about four ornaments, including the all important angel tree topper, he was a huge help getting the tree out of the box, put together and conecting the light strands.

Zachary after his first round of Christmas tree handiwork

All decorated, but missing the all important tree skirt

Our mischievous cat is doing his best to undecorate every day while we are gone.  I get home and decorate all over again and hope for a better result the next day......I know, I will never learn! 

Doing our best to keep Jack's mind off all the tree lovelies
Sunday, we met some friends that we hadn't seen in quite a while for church and lunch afterwards.  We had a really nice time and it was so good to see them!

Monday morning came way too early.  I was on the road on the way to Baylor Hopsital in Dallas at 4:25....yes that is AM.  My dad had heart surgery Monday morning.  It was a long surgery - more than 5 hours, but thankfully the result was awesome.  His doctor said we couldn't have had a better outcome and he is recovering nicely.  We have our hearts hopeful and fingers crossed that we will be able to get him home tomorrow.  If it doesn't work out, we still have so much to be thankful for so either way we will make the best of our day of Thanksgiving!

On a MUCH lighter note, I received the materials for my first paying scrapbook project this morning.  I even got the funds for supplies upfront.  I am so excited!  It isn't exactly the kind of scrapbook that I am used to (more details later), but I going to embrace it and rock the heck out of it!!!!!  Pictures & Pens is officially off the ground and I am so proud!

I contacted a company today about redesigning my blog and possibly incorporating Pictures & Pens.  I can't wait to see what comes of my inquiry.  A facelift could be in the near future for A Beautiful Day!

Sending BIG LOVE out to my sweet Zachary....I know that he is having a great time in Boston (he cannot get to that aquarium fast enough!), but it is hard having him sooooo far away!  I love you, sweet boy!  Wishing everyone a blessed and relaxing day tomorrow.....HAPPY THANKSGIVING!

Monday, November 14, 2011

A Birthday Celebration

As is customary for me....I am running behind.  Things at work are crazy busy right now and honestly sometimes when I get home at night the last thing that I want to do is fire up the laptop to blog....or really to do anything computer related for that mattter.  But finally, here I am and here it goes.

Being that it is Monday, if I was on top of things, I would be blogging about my weekend.  So, I am going to write about a weekend but it is going to be two weekends ago.  My "baby" boy turned 11 on Novemeber 2nd.  Per his request we celebrated at Summit Rock Climbing in Grapevine, on Saturday the 5th.  Now usually, I make the plans and run it by him to make sure that is sounds good.  This year however he had a very specific plan about what he wanted to do.  I have to hand it to him....he hit a home run with this one.  His dad and I took him and five of his friends to Summit.  All that they do there is rock climbing ranging from beginner to intermediate walls.  Although all the boys were at different levels they all had a great time and want to go back....that is when you know that the party was good!

Zach's dad, Gabe, Zachary, Reid, Jacob, Anthony - missing one.  He arrived late due to a football game
The whole gang.  Anderson made it- he is second from the right. Zachary truly has great friends - I am one proud mama!
Zachary making his way up one of the walls
To finish up the afternoon, we headed back to Zachary's grandparents for pizza and cupcakes. Instead of cake this year, I splurged on cupcakes. If you have never had a Sprinkles don't know what you are missing. I opted for Red Velvet with a scull and crossbones. They were too cute and delicious as always! 

Zach ready to blow out his candles!

Happy Birthday!!!!
I cannot believe that he is already 11!  How fast the time flies.  Have a wonderful night!