Saturday, August 4, 2012

SUNDAY SNAPS Week 1: Personal Best

Hey, everyone!  Welcome to Week 1 of SUNDAY SNAPS - a weekly photography link up.

The Week 1 theme is "Personal Best".  Sarah and I can't wait to see your favorites and what fun would it be if we didn't share our own as well????
Maybe not a unique image....the famous arch in Cabo San Lucas...but I loved the way the photo turned
out and brings back such great memories
I snapped this picture of my dad and son while we were fishing in FL - it makes
my heart sing plain and simple
This is one of my dearest friends on her wedding day....she was listening to her husband's vows
and yep there is a bit of a of my favorite pictures ever
There you have it....those are my "Personal Best" for Week 1.  It is hard to narrow a theme like that down to 3, but these pictures are all special to me for obvious reasons.  And on that note, us what ya got!!!!!


  1. has taken me a while, but I finally got caught up on your blog. You have been a busy girl, but you are Jules, I wouldn't expect anything else. I hope you are not offended by the fact that Jessi's post was my fav. You can learn a thing or two from that literary feline :) I hope you and the Z-ster are having a great summer.
    I miss you (nobody's fault but mine),

  2. LOVE the Cabo picture :) That was such a cool thing to see in person...

    thank you for hosting such a fun link was fun getting the post together :)

    Have a great week!

  3. These are all amazing! I love the new link up too! What a fun idea!

  4. Your Cabo picture is fantastic! Great job!

  5. I just found you via City Girl Gone Country. So glad to find you guys! I am SO new to the blogging world and feel I have more questions the more I do it... You both have such great designs and it's exciting to find new people to follow! Love it! I do something similar to you guys on Fridays. So, I was wondering, do you have to link up only on Sundays? I would assume so... since it's called Sunday Snaps! HA! But, my readers are used to Friday Oh Snap! Shots. If nothing else, I can send my readers your way on Sundays... Keep up the inspiring work!


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