Monday, August 27, 2012

Puppy Love & Cats Too Photo Party #5: Jack's Version

I am linking up today with Blake and Becky over at Reinventing the Ordinary.  Since last month Jessi stole the show (at least in her own mind), I thought it only fair that I give Jack the floor this month.  He may not be as polished as Jessi, but he is going to give it everything he has so please bare with him and remember....he IS a cat.
Reinventing the Ordinary
First off - Jessi, polished?  I beg to differ.  Apparently, her petite frame and what I guess could be called a cute face has everyone fooled.  Just in the past week I have witnessed her in some less than ladylike behavior.  My mom was soaking her smoothie container the other night and even though we have an awesome flowing fountain she thought that the soaking container with the strange smoothie debris was much more appetizing...seriously, that is just gross!  She also sometimes prefers water out of a glass as opposed to said fabulous fountain just for us, which kind of causes mom to dump the glass.
And let's not forget that she is a little beggar.  OK, so granted the human should probably not be eating his breakfast on the kitchen counter, but really Jessi should not be trying her darndest to eat his breakfast of champions...I mean really, how uncivilized!

I have never claimed to be all that and a bag of catnip, but this girl has got everyone fooled.  And let's not forget that she has turned my humble abode upside down.  Do I chase her and give her a few good bites on a daily basis?  You know it...I have to keep reminding her who is boss.  So what if I have a good 3-4 pounds on her...I am the man of the house after all.  I wouldn't want her to think that swinging her tail and batting her little eyes is going to get her anywhere as far as I am concerned...hmpht!!!!  I am starting to think that she is purposely provoking me though....she scoots most of herself under the bed but leaves her tail swishing back and forth knowing full well that I can't resist the urge to bat at it....WOMEN!!!!!
Honestly, sometimes I long for the days when I was the only cat here.  Things were so much simpler then, I could spend my days lying on my form  fitting styrofoam without a care in the world...those were the days!
But then I think about this totally awesome personalized mat that we won last month from Blake and his mom....and I shudder to think of it around here without her.  
You caught me...I said it.  Although, she frequently drives me half out of my mind...I love her and am afraid that I would be lost without her prissy little self runing around here with me.  THE TRUTH IS OUT!  But seriously...check out our awesome new washable "food mat", pictured above.  That mat is in fact rockin both of our names, but I for some reason feel compelled to plop my rear down on mine.  We have so far preferred to use it as a lounge and scratching mat.  It is made of materials very closely resembling our scratch post so it is hard to keep us off of it.
Well, that's it from here...I think next month we will hand this back over to our mom.  I think we have both said our peace. 
Thank you so much for stopping by and if you have some fabulous fur babies at homes, be sure to link up  with Blake and is so much fun!


  1. Oh're just an old softie at heart. You sure do have these women pegged tho. I have a couple of cousins (dogs of course) that get away with murder. I have to set things straight myself once in awhile. Don't worry tho...I won't tell her that you're warming up to her. She doesn't need to know. The mat looks super. Glad you like it. I think it's time mom made me one. Hmmmm...gotta get on that. Thanks for partying bro.

    love blake

  2. heheh! Very cute :)


  3. Loving your fur babies! I've got a few of my own.. adorable :) New follower from The Grant Life!



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