Thursday, December 6, 2012

DFW Blogger Ornament Exchange

Even when I co-host an event, I seem to be bringing up the rear when it comes to posting about it....there is something wrong with this picture, isn't there?  Anyway, I co-hosted my second DFW Blogger get together this past Saturday and it was a great time.  The event was held at Winslow's Wine Cafe in Ft. Worth.  Once we got past the origianl snafu of being told to set up in the wrong area, things were fine.  We were a little cramped on space, but the food was delicious and I loved the signature drink for the event, the Poinsetta. (Prepare for an epic photo dump....... all photos marked with an * are courtesty of Sarah from Loveee Sarah)

Cheese, fruit and nut tray *

Seriously delicious hummus (jalapeno,roasted red pepper and cilantro) *

Pitas for the hummus *

Margherita Pizza - delicous *
Cheers! with our Poinsettas *

The decorations were fabulous and I can say that because I didn't have much to do with them except to take a first time stab at spray painting (and I guess I will take credit for that rather odd banner)......all the rest was courtesy of the ever talented Megan. 

Becky did the labels, I fancied them up a bit and Megan did the jars of spiced tea
that we passed out as party favors
I did have high hopes for this banner, but somewhere in the process of grabbing my stuff and running out of the apartment, I ended up one "R" short of a full deck.  Instead of reading "Welcome DFW ended up as "Welcome DFW Blogs".  Thanks to Taylor for thinking fast so it did not go completely to waste!

Got the template for the banner from the talented ladies at Shanty 2 Chic.....don't
be surprised if you see it again
I was so excited to see some familiar faces, but just as thrilled to meet some new bloggers as well.

My dear friend and on of my co-hosts Megan from The House of Martinez

Nicole from Three 31 - when God was handing out funny this lady was at the front
of the line

Taylor from Goings On In Texas

Becky from The Java Mama, (my other co-host), Rizabhel from Little Miss Rizabhel and
Sarah from Loveee Sarah  *
We had a lot of fun during the ornament exchange.  All of the ornmaments were great, but a few were actually "stolen" multiple times before settling in with the winning "thief"  The sweet little owl ornament traveled from Nicole , to Megan and finally ended up with Taylor.

Nicole *

Megan took it once..... *
Taylor went in for the final steal *
Here is a picture of the whole lovely group!
 I believe a fun time was had by all and I hope that we can continue to get together to build blogger friendships IRL as well as meet new fellow bloggers.  I personally am sitting back for awhile and letting someone else do the planning.  I co-hosted the first two and am ready to just show up the next few  Thank you to my lovely co-hosts.....I couldn't have done it without us all working together!
Me, Megan and Becky *

In a final note, a few of us went out for a drink after the event.....yummy drinks were consumed - take a peek:
This "lemonade" is for adults me

Cynthia's Smore martina...looks yummy!

And then something caught our may or may not have been a grown man in a santa jacket and hat, NO PANTSs, red and white striped tights and wait for lights wrapped around him from the waist down.  People, you can't make this stuff up!  And in case you are dying  for proof of said mutuant santa freak...never fear.  Amanda from Princess of the Panhandle had just received a questionable picture from her hubby's guys night out.  In light of that, she felt like she should return the favor. 
Gotta love it!  that's all I've got ladies....until next time!


  1. Oh my on the Santa dude!!!

    Looks like such a fun night that you ladies had and all that food and those yummy cocktails!!! FUN!

  2. ah love post! i feel like im reliving it :) love the skinny santa btw :)

  3. This looks like such a fun night!

    But my favorite picture is that crazy Santa! How did he even get the lights to light up?

  4. Looks like ya'll had a great time! Wish I lived closer to Dallas so I could have gone!

  5. Julie, you are so great at hosting events!! Everything looked great. I'm bummed that I couldn't be there. And I'm laughing like crazy over that last picture. Leave it to Amanda to get a picture!!!

  6. Oh My Goodness! Looks like you ladies had a BLAST! I'm just sorry I wasn't able to make it... again! I swear I WILL, somehow, find a way to be at the next one! Even if I have to walk to Fort Worth! And god-bless the half nekkid santa! Oy Vey! LOL

  7. That is hilarious...the last pic that is!! ;) bahahaha Loved seeing you again!! Sorry I couldn't park Black Beauty in that area! I missed out on some great fun, I know!!!

  8. Looks like such a fun night! I'm never able to make it to these events, but I'm dying to meet some of the other DFW bloggers - so I will clear my schedule for next time!

  9. That Santa was hilarious! It was a blast!

  10. What a fun party! I am a Texas blogger I need to join in the fun next time, I love meeting my blog friends in person!

  11. For the record, Santa's "nether-regions" were nearly visible. But I didn't look. I swear. Loved our get-together, thanks for hosting (again) and I can't wait to do it all over again. Big hugs!

  12. Thank you for hosting Julie!! I loved the after party, obviously. ;)

    I've been waiting for the pics to surface so I can show Mr. H others than the ones taken by people's phones.

    Can't wait for next time!!


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