Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Almost Wordless Wednesday

Hello....lashes!  Why do boys have all the luck?  This makes my heart sing........stay tuned - more Jesse genius to come!


  1. Awesome picture! I am jealous of some boys too! Like my brother for instance. He has prettier eyes than me and he was always skinnier than me! Boo~ hahaha

  2. my oldest son has ridiculous lashes...

    oh treasure these photos -- my sons run when i get the camera out -- i barely have ANY photographic evidence that they exist... lol!


  3. Beautiful photo-my teo youngest boys have long thick lashes-so jealous sometimes!

    You asked about the starburst on my layout-it's actually a 4x12 title page from a simple stories scrapbook kit-I just trimmed it and adhered it. I love the way it looked without the fuss of me cutting and measuring. :)

  4.'s not fair when guys get those kind of lashes, is it?


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