Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Sorry….One Last Time….SHE ROCKS!

I participated in a link up back in February entitled "Love Yourself" sponsored by Cyn at The Chunky Goddess  I let my hair down so to speak, opened up a bit more than usual and shared some pictures.  I have gained almost double the followers since then, so I thought in light of the fact that she centered an entire post around my shoot, I would sing the praises of Christine Tremoulet one last time – at least as far as a blog post, because honestly I rave about her to anyone that seems the least bit interested and even those who don't and will continue to do so.  You can also find her under Photographers That Rock on my nav bar above.
Christine took boudoir (GASP) pictures for me back in September of last year.  Trust me I am not one of the few women in the world that is comfortable with my body.  I have those areas that I cringe at when I look in the mirror and quite frankly taking scantily clad photos kinda scared the crap out of me.  Enter (drum roll please) Christine Temoulet.   In her words:

There are no words to adequately describe the confidence that spending one afternoon with this amazingly talented woman has given me.  Not only will her talent become evident if you choose to click on this link., but she is also funny, warm, compassionate and really listens to her clients, taking into consideration what each woman is comfortable with.  Although she lives in Houston, I can honestly say that I consider her a friend…even if from afar.
Enough jabbering from me, her post speaks for itself.  Although, this link is probably not work friendly, it is probably nothing more than PG13 at the most. A lot of people wear much less to the beach….whether that is good or not I am not sure.  Unless you are offended by cleavage…go ahead, take a peek!  Finally, for any of you in the DFW metroplex, Christine promises that she is going to be making a trip to our neck of the woods.  If you need a gift for a special someone or more importantly for yourself….let me know and I will pass on your interest.  You will not regret it and trust me….your inner diva is just dying to be set free….YOU ARE WORTH IT!!!!!

Tomorrow is the first post in my “Fellow TEXAS BLOGGERS Series” and I am so excited to share some of my new friends and their blogs…stay tuned!


  1. Girl, you are amazing!! There's no way I'd ever have the nerve to have a boudoir shoot!! (BTW, your photos are gorgeous!!)

  2. Thank you for sharing this :)

  3. Great pics! I had boudoir pics taken a year or two ago and it was so fun!

  4. Great pics! Totally sexy and such a great idea! Look at you, my computer screen is smoking that's how hot you are. ;) :P

    Have a great day! xo

  5. The pics are gorgeous! I love the candid one of you looking into the mirror. :)


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