Thursday, July 5, 2012

Yep....I'm A "New Kid On the Blog"

I think that I have mentioned at least once or maybe 100 times that one thing that I was really looking forward to when I started blogging was the potentail to connect with other bloggers and if I was really lucky maybe actually meet one day.  So, when I found the Texas Bloggers Facebook page, I not only joined - I jumped in with both feet.  Best blogging decision I have ever made...hands down!

Texas Bloggers
With the click of a mouse, I became a part of a group of truly wonferful ladies.  Kind, compassionate, knowledgeable, supportive and really all around amazing cheerleaders.  We have weekly Google+ hangouts and although it would be great to have a few more members join in, we have a blast!
So, this little love fest today does have a point....I am going somewhere with it.  This morning, bright and early I opened up my reading list and was slightly confused when I saw my own mug staring back at me from Jennifer's Finding My Way In Texas.  Jennifer started the Texas Bloggers FB page and she is the bomb!  I was the subject for her linkup to "New Kids On The Blog" flippin fantastic is that????  It was a total surprise and I am beyond flattered.

I could go on and on about Jennifer, but I am going to save it for later in the month.  I have five sponsors this month and I believe that they are all going to be guest posting at some point in the next few weeks.  Stay tuned for the "Fellow TEXAS BLOGGERS Series" won't be disappointed!


  1. woohoo! love our texas bloggers group!

    1. Me too! Wish I could be more involved... I will be once I finish taking the bar!

  2. Yeah! Love meeting all these new fabulous ladies!

  3. YAY! Julie you're doing what you love good on you! I'm wondering what the sponsors mean/do? I don't quite understand the concept...if you could enlighten me I'd appreciate it.

    Love your happiness :)



I love meeting new bloggers and love reading your comments....each and every one!