Monday, July 16, 2012

Fellow TEXAS BLOGGERS Series: Part 2

Happy Monday!  It's time for the second July installment of my "Fellow TEXAS BLOGGERS Series".  I couldn't be happier to introduce you to Jennifer of Finding My Way In Texas.  Jennifer is the master mind behind our Texas Bloggers Facebook group, and yep, I kinda love her (but not in a weird way)!   I had the pleasure of actually meeting her a couple of months ago at a craft show she was participating in, and honestly it was like being reunited with an old friend.

Hello Beautiful Day readers! Or Should I say “Howdy”? Nah… I’m not THAT Texan… well not yet anyways. Hehe!
I’m Jennifer and I am the scattered, blonde, coffee addicted mind behind Finding My Way in Texas. I pretty mugh write about what ever catches my fancy. There’s usually something crafty, something yummy and/or something chaotic going on in my house. I started writing and blogging about this craziness that is called life because a year ago today, I moved to Texas to be with the man of my dreams!

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So to celebrate, I’m going to do a little bit of reminiscing about everything that I’ve learned and how I’ve changed.
I arrived in the middle of July… the first thing I learned is that Texas is HOT and I needed to get over my clothing/self-esteem hang ups in order to survive! My poor little white legs hadn’t seen the sun in years! Ask pretty much anyone from back “home” and they’ll probably tell you that they’d never seen me in shorts. One of the very first things I did was hack the bottom off of several pairs of pants :)

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I definitely went through a period of being homesick! Its hard to believe that as of today its been an ENTIRE year since I’ve been able to hug my family or hang out with my friends. CRAZY! I have had the opportunity to meet amazing people here and I am so thankful for them :) Not to mention that people are SUPER friendly around here! Since I got here, I’ve had more in depth conversations with complete strangers, than phone calls with my family!

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My hubby and I recently expanded our little family and welcomed the most adorable german shepherd puppy into our home. Well she’s adorable when she isn’t eating my flip flops, or chewing on socks or biting our toes. Hmmm… sounds like she has a bit of a foot fetish. Silly puppy. She’s incredibly smart though and is learning very quickly!

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One of the other things I quickly learned about Texas is that Dr. Pepper isn’t just a drink… its pretty much a  baking staple! Don’t believe me? Type in Dr. Pepper on pinterest and see what comes up!

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There are so many other things that I’ve learned and experienced since I got here, there isn’t enough time to share them all! I hope you’ll drop by, check out my blog and say Hi!

Jennifer,  thank you so much for guest posting today and sharing fun insight into your first year in Texas.  Although you haven't been here long, we know you got here as fast as you could!

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