Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Manifesto For Kindness

I hope everyone had a great weekend!  Mine has busy, busy, busy.  I completed a really fun crafty project, and went to frame it about an hour or so ago and the frame is completely messed up.  Even though it had those heavy duty cardboard edge protectors, one corner is a total mess.  I will have to head to Michaels tomorrow at lunch and beg and plead....I have NO idea where the receipt is.  Keep your fingers crossed for me!  I can't wait to share it...hopefully next week.

Sarah blogs over at City Girl Gone Country.  She is as sweet as can be, and earlier this week she got a hateful ANONYMOUS comment on her blog.  She was obviously upset and hurt and I have been thinking about it ever since.  I am sure that this kind of thing happens all the time.  We as bloggers, put a lot of ourselves out there.  Some might say we are just asking for it, but are we really?  I have no problem with someone disagreeing with me, or voicing their opinion about something provided they do not hide behing anonymity and express their views in a non hateful, non judgemental manner.  Why do some people feel the need to lash out, and as was the case with the comment on Sarah's blog be just downright cruel and hateful?  There is no need and no excuse for this kind of poor behavior....we as a blogging community need to strive to do better.  Let's support each other and when we come upon something that we don't care for, don't agree with or are offended by, instead of being downright mean or offensive, let's just move on.  If it is something that you really feel passionate about, by all means comment away.  But make your point in an intelligent, non offensive that instigates a healthy debate, not one that causes confusion and hurt.  I want to believe that we are all better than that.

So in light of my mini soapbox, I wanted to share what inspired the post today.  A Manifesto For Kindness.  I found this little gem at The Smile Collective.  They are striving to create a manifesto a week through the end of the year.  Check it out, there are already some great ones posted and best of all you can click and print for the bargain price of FREE!!  How great is that?

Good night, all!


  1. I love this. Very well said! That print is cute too. Sarah didn't deserve that at all! :(

  2. Great post!!! Thank you for sharing!

  3. Julie, Double drat on the frame. I just had a weird frame issue here. While sitting in the office I heard a thunk...I went to the lr to see what's up, one of the wires on the back of a painting done by dd failed and dropped to the floor! Thankfully the glass didn't break.

    As for the nasty ugliness in some people...Well, I just think they like to share their ugly...but it does not mean we have to partake ;)


  4. Jules... on the rare occasion I receive negative comments, I acknowledge the comment with a thanks for adding their opinion. My mom always taught us to kill them with kindness. I used to drive my little sister mad acknowledging her anger :) LOL
    Thanks for the credo... I'm going to share today's post on my facebook wall :)

  5. Amen to the credo!! I wish more people in blog land would take notice. But maybe they aren't bloggers. I don't know many bloggers who would even begin to attack someone like that. I've never had anyone anonymous say anything offensive to me (yet). I have had someone (in as nice of way as she could) question a post that I had written (that I never would have dreamed someone question my stance). I emailed her and explained myself a bit better and after a few emails she saw where I was coming from. She just read my post a bit differently than I had intended. But her comment wasn't offense (although it did take me aback to be questioned in that manner...was a first for sure). Now, I have had someone slander my company on craigslist and let me tell you that was not fun. I immediately reported it to craigslist for slander and they removed it immediately and suspended the person's account. We found out who it was and my husband contacted them (it was a former customer who we had bent over backward to help..her ex was making the slanderous comments). Anyways long story short, he apologized. Glad you stepped up on your soap box. I've been thinking about standing up on mine for a few bloggy world things myself. :)

  6. Hurray for kindness! And for the gumption to speak up :) You Go Girl! And thanks for sharing the printable :)

  7. Oh, I love it! I should print this and carry it around with me! I need to think about that in real life more than in bloggy land! hehe


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