Monday, March 5, 2012

I'm BAAAACK - No Really.....

For about 10 days in February, I was ROCKIN’ my blog – maybe you remember?!?!?!  And then….I fell off the face of the blogging world.  I didn’t mean to.  It definitely wasn’t intentional.  As I like to say “life happened”.  Work has been crazier than it has been in a long time.  Our season has definitely started.  I am on a serious scrapbook deadline  - admittedley self imposed (that is how I get things done people).  And, for the better part of a week, I was way under the weather.  It was not one bit fun, but I am on the mend and ready to get back to working out.  And that leads to my exercise derailment….to say I fell off the wagon would be the understatement of the century.  In my defense, a good portion of it has been out of my control, but I would be skirting the truth if I didn’t tell you that I am having trouble re-engaging.  Don’t worry, I am not giving up on the program or myself for that matter.  I am going to start over on the last phase of my Couch Potato to 5K that I had completed and get right back on the wagon.  I am still shooting for a 5K before the TX dog days of Summer take over – I will just have to be much more deliberate about it!  For the few of you that read regularly…keep on me!!!!  In case you haven’t noticed, I do my BEST work under pressure.

So, besides all that what else has been going on?  Well, along with neglecting my own blog I got behind keeping up with everyone else’s.  Me no likey!  I hadn’t realized how much I enjoyed catching up on my regular reads.  I am slowly but surely getting back in the swing.  Zachary finished up indoor soccer last weekend and will start outdoor in a couple of weeks.  It was a rough season, but there was definitely improvement.  I think that they are going to have a good core for next season, so hopefully things will go better.  Friday was the “talent show” at Zachary’s school.  In quotes because talent in most of the cases would be a stretch.  I think perhaps “variety show” would be much more appropriate….just saying.  According to a friend at work, Zach’s skit was a take off on the Gong Show from years ago.  The boys had faces drawn on their bellies, huge cardboard top hats and a dress shirt buttoned around their waists. 

Zachary, Andrew, Reid and Taylor rockin their belly faces

Handy work courtesy of  yours truly...hey, I NEVER claimed to be an artist
They whistled a song with their bellies????  It was comical though.  I am sure there is more that I am missing but I just wanted to get blogging again, so I will fill in any omissions on my next post…..much sooner than later.

WAIT....I am about to forget yet again.  February 22nd was my blogiversary.  Apparently, I let it pass with little recognition (OK no recognition), and for that I feel horrible.  I love my little blog...even though sometimes I am a less than stellar poster.  So on that note…..I am finally going to do a giveaway.  It is going to be hosted by Shannon over at Life After I Dew.  I am so excited and honored that she is hosting for me.  Her blog rocks and let me tell you, she tells it like it is – NO BS GOING ON OVER THERE!!!!!  Stop by and show her some love if you haven't already discovered her.  Stay tuned for details coming next week.

Sleep tight blog peeps! xoxoxo


  1. Welcome back - and happy Blogiversary!!!

  2. sorry i am so late in getting around to posting a comment -- i did read but was on my phone & that is no bueno for commenting.
    anywho -- i am with ya; i always say i do my best work under pressure.
    no, seriously i do!
    i LOVE the bellies -- whistled with them you say?
    happy blogoversary & nice to see back around these parts!



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