Sunday, March 18, 2012

Mini Chicago Weekend Recap

Just wanted to let everyone know that I have returned from my whirlwind weekend in Chi-Town.  It was a blast.....great friends, great food, great drinks and great times!  Too much for me to blog tonight, but definitely a fun trip.  Apparently, a bit of cool weather just wasn't in my future.  Those earmuffs. scarves and mittens that I had ready were a serious joke.  It was 80+ degrees when we landed on Thursday and for St. Patick's Day.... I believe they said it broke a record for the warmest in history.  Didn't help that I packed according to the advice of  that said it would be high 60's to low 70's.  I must admit it was rough, but we didn't let it put a damper on our trip and did our best to take the unseasonable weather in stride.  I will have a lot of great pictures to share, but it may be a couple of weeks.  I did something very uncharacteristic for me.  I only took about 5 pictures really, I am serious.  Megan has a really great camera and always shares great pictures from her travels so I knew her pics would turn out great.  Jennifer was also taking some and so I just kept my little camera tucked away.  They are both going to send me discs and then I will definitely share.  I looked through Megan's on our trip back today and they turned out really great.  I can't wait to get my hands on the disc so that I can share!

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I am heading off to bed....I am completely whipped and it is back to work for me to tomorrow.  I will leave you with one little sneak peak from St. Paddy's Day and a glimpse of the CRAZY green was a sight to behold!!!

Me, Megan and Jennifer minutes after the river changed to green

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  1. Jules, Glad you had a great time...I knew that you would! Kyle


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