Saturday, March 24, 2012

Weekend Randoms

Happy Weekend!  I am finally starting to feel like myself again.  After my marathon of scrapping two weeks ago, my trip to Chicago and then the midnight showing of the Hunger Games Thursday night / Friday morning...honestly, I was plain wiped out.  Got a great night's sleep last night and plan on doing the same tonight.  I am definitley seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!
As promised, here is the link for photos of the scrapbook.  It was a challenge that is for sure, but once I got going it was a lot of fun and I am thrilled with how it turned out.  Now that I know what to do with a project like this, I will not hesitate if asked to do another one.  I am used to being all about the pictures, so this was a little out of my comfort zone.  Not bad, I came to realize, just different.  Sometimes, different is GOOD.

In case you were worried that I was doing all that hard work creating on my own....never fear,  I had a little help from a friend...

Jack adding his two cents to the project
We had a little shake up at work this week.  It was actually a really great thing, but was just a huge surprise.  In these tough economic times, I feel for anyone that loses their job, but I have to say, that one change has made a world of difference for my whole division and that can't be a bad thing.  TRUST ME!

Zachary started another soccer season this morning.  I don't want to jinx anything, but I have to say, the boys looked good!  They ended up winning 9 ~ 0.  Quite a few of the boys have played several seasons together and it definitely showed. Fingers crossed that a winning season is in their future...they certainly deserve one!

Half time!
Z also got his first pair of glasses today.  Unfortunately, it looks like he has inherited my bad eyes.  He looks so grown up, I can hardly stand it.  He picked out the glasses all on his own, and I have to admit I think he did a good job.  He seems really pleased with them and is thrilled that he can see now.

Where did my little boy go???
After Zach's eye appointment, I went and got a massage.  I had a GC from last Mother's Day - ridiculous I know that it took me so long to use it.  It was heavenly - at one point I am pretty sure that I dozed was just that good.  So all in all, there are no complaints on this weekend.  I am planning on continuing the trend tomorrow with a day of no pressure scrapbooking.  I always love diving into a new book.  Plus, I have new scrapping toys that I can't wait to try out!  I hope you are all enjoying your weekend!  Stay tuned for a plethora of Chicago pics in my next post....I believe there just may be a picture CD waiting for me in my mailbox.


  1. Z's glasses are really cute... I mean handsome. :) Can't believe it took you almost a year to use that massage GC! I would have used it the same week I got it!

  2. Thanks, Ashley! He got rave reviews at school and still seems very happy with them. As far as the GC goes....I guess it just goes to show that I have way too much going

  3. The scrapbook looks great! When I read what you were doing I was interested to see how you would scrap with very few photos and it turned out fantastic! Zach did a great job picking out his own glasses. I'm blind as a bat too and picking out glasses that fit your face right can be a lot harder than it seems.


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