Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Sunday and A Little Glimpse of Chicago

I thought my relatively low key weekend would leave me feeling rested and ready to conquer the world.  No such luck....but I am feeling better, just seem to still be dragging a bit.  I have already recapped most of the weekend, but Sunday was very productive.  I got started on my next scrapping project.  I have to tell you peeps...I am loving it!  The colors are cherrry cobbler red, black and silver...very reminiscient of the wedding album I did in hot pink, black and silver.  Here is a little sneak peak....the last one you will get until this baby is done...so enjoy!  I can't spoil all the fun for the recipient now, can I???

2 page spread for a 12x12 album
 In other news....here is a little glimpse into my Girl's Weekend in Chicago.  I cannot possibly begin to share all the photos that I have received...close to 300 and that is just from Megan.  Jennifer told me that she has another 300 that she will be sending soon...and now maybe you understand why I decided that I might should leave the picture taking to the pros...lol.   I broke these down into sightseeing around Chicago for one collage and strictly St. Patrick's Day for the other.  I love the create a collage button in "Picasa 3".  Even computer dummies like me can create fun things with Picasa and make  it look like I know what I am doing.  Super Easy!!!

This first collage covers Navy Pier,  Millenium Park and the "Bean" - it was fascinating to me,  Yolk - where we had an insane amount of ridiculously good breakfast food - hello Red Velvet French Toast, a view from Willis (Sears) Tower, Sprinkles Cupcakes - Chicago, the famous "Chicago" sign, and a photo op with the Michigan River in the background.

The next one is all from St. Patrick's Day...and in case you are wondering that short sleeve shirt I had on Friday, made a repeat performance halfway through the day on Saturday because of the f*ing ridiculous unseasonably warm Chicago weather that weather.com completely flubbed on predicting.  Supposedely, 2012 was the warmest St. Patrick's Day in Chicago history.  How lucky for us...not!!!

The people watching on SPD was off the charts...in some ways I imagine it is like Mardi Gras in Chicago.  People dressed up, people dressed their pets up.  Not really any pictures of the parade...we didn't make it there long.  The amount of people there was truly stiffling and really so crowded that we couldn't see much anyway.  The Michigan River turned green was a cool sight to see.  It was amazing how green it actually was.  Our goal for the day was to hit up five pubs or bars during the afternoon having a drink at each...we weren't driving people!  Sometime during the afternon, it morphed into ten...but we rounded out the evening with eight.  We closed out the evening at the very crowded hotel bar.

That is the condensed version of our whirlwind trip...I will probably post one more round of photos when I get the other disc.  I think that Jennifer has some fun pictures from some places that we hit that Megan didn't have her camera for.  All in all, it was a really fun trip.  We all got to explore a new place and it was wonderful to catch up with friends that I don't get to see nearly enough of.  Hope you enjoyed the photos...and now I am off to get some much need beauty sleep!  Night!


  1. Hi Jules,
    Thanks for stopping by and following oceannah.wordpress.com Glad you like it. We both like Cyn and we have another common like...scrapbooking. I began when my daughter was born, and that was 12 years ago. Love your pictures and the way your blog is organized. I'm really new w/ the blog and still learning lots. Looking forward to getting to 'know' ya :) I have to post as anonymous because for some weird reason that I don't understand unless I post to other WP blogs it always says my openID credentials can't be verified. Wish I knew what that was about?!?


  2. Looks like you had a great time in Chicago! I love Chicago and I can only imagine how fun it could be over St. Patty's Day!

  3. awwww love the photos -- you look fabulous!

    and you are sooooo talented -- wow!

    sorry it has taken me this long to catch up -- i am SO behind on reading all of my faves!



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