Thursday, September 1, 2011

30 Days of Lists and an Evening With Keith

So after another long abscence, I have determined to come back with a vengence.  The last month for me has been pretty crazy and once I can wrap my head around all of it, I may very well blog in depth about it.  Until then, I have decided to try a more light hearted avenue.  You may have noticed that I have a new "button" on my sidebar.  30 Days of Lists is literally just that:

  • Not everyone can make a mini scrapbook every week or an art journal page every night.
  • 30 Days of Lists is our encouragement and challenge to you that you CAN journal just something every day – even something as small as a list.
  • Every day through the month of September we will be posting a list prompt – anything from weekend goals to celebrity crushes. At the end of the 30 days you’ll have a collection of entries creating a small snapshot of your life right now.
  • Only 5-10 minutes per day are really needed. While you’re waiting for someone, or when you’re the passenger in the car.  There’s no wrong way to do this and if you don’t like a prompt on a certain day, just change it.
A new list topic will be posted each morning at 2 AM Pacific starting tomorrow Sept 1.....I guess for those early birds that want to jump right up and start their lists before hitting the shower - NOT!  The crafty part comes in by way of the journaling book.  Anyone that knows me knows that I am all about the crafting.  I have no idea how I survived prior to having a Cricut...and I am only half teasing!  Anyway, I must admit that I cheated a little on mine.  I found a really pretty one at the store and did a little embellishing myself.  I am happy with it and can't wait to get started!

Here is the cover

Inside title page
How exactly is the going to effect my blogging you ask?  Well, in addition to jotting the list down in the journal  I am going to attempt to also post each list on the blog.  I am not going to be so bold as to say everyday, but definitely much more frequently than I have been managing to lately.  If I manage to also get crafty with the pages, I will post those as well.  I am hoping that now that I have said it out loud, I will be better about sticking to it.  Time will tell.

On to Keith.  My dear friend Megan and I went to see Keith Urban on Sunday night.  It was another amazing show!  I say another because this was our third.  It has become a tradition...I see that he is coming to town and immediately email her to see if she wants to go.  I mentioned to her after the show that maybe after this concert we would feel like we had seen and heard enough.  No way...we both agreed that we were eagerly anticipating the next tour.  He is really amazing in concert - his voice is great and he truly puts his heart into his work.  It makes you feel like every dollar you spent was 100% worth it.  So in a nutshell..if you ever have the opportunity to attend one of his shows....don't miss it! 

Probably as close as we will ever get to

Waiting for the show to start

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