Thursday, September 1, 2011

Goals For This Month


I imagined that I would only see one prompt per day (see previous post), but low and behold this morning I went to take a peek and it turned out that the entire 30 prompts are listed.  For some reason I didn't think that I would struggle with any of the prompts, but I am glad to know that it is up to my discretion if I choose to substitute a prompt.  With some of them I can already see a writer's block....or maybe I should call it a "list maker's" block approaching.

Without further are my goals for the month:

1. Stick with this list
2. Finish current scrapbook (this may be a little ambitious, but I am aiming high)
3. Clean my closet
4. Clean my garage
5. Exercise more (this is an every month goal)
6. Blog more : )
7. Get my son on a better weekday schedule (have to make this one happen!)
8. Stop using so many Post-It notes (trees are cheering everywhere)

At first I was concerned because I, this isn't much of a list.  But looking over it and thinking about the limited spare time that I have to make it happen - I think that this is a pretty tall order.  Will everything be crossed off in 3o shorts day?  Probably not, but I will rejoice in the strides that I have made and incorporate the ones that I didn't quite get there on into the next monthly goal  I didn't get my journal page done tonight, but I decided to blog instead of craft - which I guess is conterproductive to completing goal #2.  Oh well, at least I managed to blog two days in a row and that is working toward goal #6.  Have a great evening and stay tuned for Day 2.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY AMAZING DADDY!!!!  I am so happy to have him here to celebrate 62!

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