Sunday, July 31, 2011

Mini Road Trip - Allaso Ranch

So, Zachary and I made our 4th annual trek to Allaso Ranch this afternoon.  For those of you reading that don't really know me.....I HATE road trips!  Anything past about 45 minutes and I am grumbling under my breath.  I have to admit though...this drive is growing on me.  Not taking our 15 minute stop at the train tracks in Terrell into consideration, the trip took about and hour and 45 minutes.  The drive has become familiar and I am thrilled with the goodness that is waiting for Zachary on the other I have decided that I will no longer dread the drive.  Despite the unbearable heat, AR is a wonderful place (even in August) and I feel extremely fortunate that Zachary's father and I are able to send him each summer.  Check out the link above and see the "awesomeness" that is Allaso Ranch for yourself.  Learning about God in luxury accomodations.  They never had summer camp like this when I was a kid!!!!  Zachary slept for more than half of the trip...

Don't even ask how I snapped this while driving.
but apparently that wasn't quite long enough, as he woke up in a bit of a foul mood 5 minutes from camp.  He humored me with another pic...although he did tell me to "take it quick" in case any of his cabin mates might be around.

Mom...why are you taking pictures now???
After we checked in we headed in to find his table were he would find out who would be in his cabin as well as who his counselor would be.  Much to his surpise (not to mention my ELATION!!!!), we saw a familiar face.  John Mark was Zachary's small group leader at church in 3rd grade and was his counselor 2 summers ago at Allaso - Zach is not much for showing excitement, but I knew this was a good thing.  That smile actually looks genuine!

John Mark and Zachary at check in.

So, to my sweet little (ok, maybe not so little) man....I hope that you have an incredible week at camp!  Although, I am supposed to enjoy my week of quiet, by tomorrow afternoon I will be ready for you to be home.  I love  you!!!!

Hope you all had a great weekend...night!

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