Wednesday, September 28, 2011

As Promised.....A Few From the Salmon River Trip

I am beat, but just wanted to drop in for a quick post....after all every post doesn't have to be a mini novel, right?  Back in a post from July, I mentioned that Zachary and my dad had taken a rafting trip to the Salmon River in Idaho.  I finally got a look at the pictures the other day and wanted to share a few.  On their first rafting trip last summer my dad took oodles of pictures.  He is really not much of a picture taker so I knew that he did it just to humor me.  When I say he is not much of a picture taker, please don't misconstrue that to mean that he doesn't take good pictures, but that he doesn't get quite the joy out of it that I do!  So, while this trip may not have had the quantity....I was thrilled with the quality of these priceless shots.  And trust me, 18 pictures is plenty for a few pages of Zachary's "Summer Fun" scrapbook that is currently in the planning stages.  Enjoy!

Not sure what he is doing here, but I am guessing they stopped for lunch

Here is the whole gang.  Dad and Zach are on the back row far right.

Love, Love, Love this shot!!!!
That is perhaps one of the biggest dandelions I have ever seen. Awww...I adore that sweet face!

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