Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Tuesday Tunes

It is short and sweet today, ladies....which I guess is better than not here at all - right?  I am linking up with HolliLeslyn and Lauren for:

Leslyn's Lovely Life

In honor of the season premier of Sons of Anarchy, my pick was a no brainer.  

And hey, I am not looking to start a debate or a firestorm, but if you haven't watched SOA and you think that Charlie Hunnam was not a good choice for 50 Shades of Grey....well I hate to tell you - but he is going to KILL IT (the boy cleans up REAL good)!!!!!  Just my two cents - August 1, 2014 can't get here fast enough.  Happy Tuesday!



  1. Ah! Its that picture again! I think you are right - he is definitely an awesome choice!

    Still not sure how they are going to make a movie from that book though...at least, one they can show in theaters!

  2. Great song and even better pictures! He is my Man of Dreams other than my husband. Thanks for linking up!

  3. Love it! I am watching the season premier right now!

  4. We love that show and I love him. Ha! I haven't read the books, but after hearing he was cast, I'm debating on reading them now :)

  5. LOVE SOA! You know that though. :) I know he's gonna kill it too. I hadn't seen the photo of them together...wow! So excited. My book club is all in an uproar over his casting so I told them to start watching SOA!

  6. I have never seen SOA! I think I can get it on Netflix though. Not sure. I will need to see.
    And I have the book (50 shades) but haven't read it yet!


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