Monday, October 1, 2012

The House of Martinez: October Edition

How is it possible that it is October 1st already? Where has this year gone? But with a new season also comes new changes around this little ole first contributor post from Megan at The House of Martinez. She is starting out "First Mondays With Megan" showcasing a quick, but so cute DIY project for a painted wooden necklace. It could be easily color coordinated for any holiday or occasion.

DIY: Painted Wooden Necklace

A simple project with unlimited possibilities in three easy steps!

- cording
- jewelry clasps
- ten wooden beads with pre-drilled holes ( I used 1" beads, but there are various options)
- paint (I used Martha Stewart paints in these colors: Tartan Red, Beach Glass, Deep Sea)
- paintbrush
- painters tape

STEP 1: Eyeball the center of your bead and use the painters tape to wrap the bead horizontally,
making sure the ends meet to allow half of the bead to be exposed for painting.

STEP 2: Paint the exposed part of your bead. I did three coats to ensure coverage all the way
around and let the beads dry dry thoroughly for 10 minutes before removing the tape.

STEP 3: Now it's time to string the beads. Line them up in the order you want them on your necklace and begin stringing, making sure the two colored ends meet each other. Add the clasps to the ends of the cording, clasp, and voila, a colorful necklace in less than half an hour!


  1. This is awesome! I love how special the necklace looks, but it is so easy to put together!

  2. I love how easy this looks. I must remember to check out supplies for this necklace next time I'm at Michael's.


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