Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Guest Posting at Three 31

I can't apologize day of blog silence turned into a week plus of blog silence.  Shame on me!  Things have been hectic to infinity and I am sure that most of you know and have experienced, sometimes things just snowball out of control and you are helpless to do anything but ride it out.  Anyway, I am hoping to do better.

Unfortunately, expect for this brief little message I am going to ignore this little blog for one more day, but only because I am helping a friend out.  Nicole, of  Three 31,  is currently on a mission trip in Haiti, she reached out and asked for some guest posters while she was gone.  If you remember, Nicole has been around these parts could you possibly forget this post.  It was chock full of Nicole's signature wit and a whole buncha eye candy.  Not to mention it had more page views than any post (by hundreds) than I have ever written - thanks for the traffic my witty friend!  So click here and check out my post.  Say hello, and if you aren't already following Nicole, jump on the bandwagon - you won't regret it

Check back tomorrow for Katie's  first contibutor post.  She has been scrapping and I can't wait to share what she has been up to!  Thank you guys for sticking with me.


  1. Hey girly! I'm following you on my new blog name, A Dash of Sarah! Get back at me! :-)

    And woo hoo, you're almost to 200! :-D

    - Sarah @ A Dash of Sarah

  2. Hey there, Lovely Lady!!! Thanks for the guest post and shout-out, I'm glad to hear that people actually read my guest post and didn't run for the hills away from my nonsense. HAHA Big hugs to you!


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