Friday, October 26, 2012

In Focus Friday: October Edition

It is the last Friday of the month and that means In Focus Friday with Kaeley from My Mind's Lens.

I found Kaeley's blog through the short lived Sunday Snaps link up.  I loved her work from the first moment I visited her blog.  As most of you may know, when I find a great photographer - my freak flag, it a starts a waving.  Kaeley may be a bit on the beginner side, but I can see really great things in her future and I think that you will agree.  She has an eye and a heart for photography and I think that it shines through in her work.  I am honored to have her contributing here and I hope that you will enjoy the monthy sampling of her work as well as some great photography tips.
I want to start by saying how grateful I am to my wonderful host, Julie!  Her kind words about my photography over the last couple of months have been so encouraging.  When she asked me to be a contributor on her blog, I was simultaneously thrilled and terrified.  It is something I have never done before - but I am excited to be here!

Being what I consider to be an amateur photographer, I know it can be frustrating sometimes when you can't get the photo you want or are struggling to find inspiration.  One thing I have recently found is that sometimes we try too hard to think outside the box and find something "new and exciting" to photograph, and we miss the subjects and environments that are right in front of us.  This is something that I have put a lot of consideration into lately and have been trying to see the beauty that surrounds me in everyday situations.

When visiting my home town awhile back, I decided to go out with my camera and see what I could find.  This is the place I lived for over 15 years - the majority of my life.  So it may sound difficult to find something "new and exciting" there.  However, there is a ferry that runs from a dock about 10 minutes from town, across the Columbia River, to a small Washington town.

Here are some of the shots that I took there:


It is easy to "play it safe" and just walk around shooting whatever you see.  But don't be afraid to try looking at your subject from a different perspective - get high or low, try fading the background or playing with the coloring during processing.  You might be surprised with what you can come up with.



This cute little boy and his grandma were walking around while waiting for the ferry.  (Another tip: people can be art!!)

If you haven't figured it out already - I am a BIG fan of black and white . . . more of that to come!

I hope that some of these photos have inspired you to go explore your backyard a little bit!  It really can be a lot of fun.


  1. Great photographs! Thank you for sharing, and for inspiring me to get out in my backyard and take some pictures!

  2. Awesome photos Kaeley, thanks for sharing :)


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