Tuesday, April 23, 2013

DFW Bloggers All About Me...Myself...& I Link Up

I know that you guys must be in shock.  Not only am I posting, but there is no contributor involved.  I did it all by myself...unless of course you count the question prompts by the fabulous Nicole of Three 31.  She is hosting a DFW Bloggers meet up this Saturday and thought it would be a great idea to host a link up so that we could all get to know one another better before the big night.  I am of course running a bit behind, but I am well ahead of the Friday cut off.....so here goes.


What is your name, blog name and URL?
Julie from A Beautiful Day, http://jules-beautifulday.blogspot.com
When and why did you start blogging?
February of 2011.  I, like Nicole, had no idea what I was doing.  I was always intrigued by traditional journaling, but never quite managed to do it consistently.  I had high hopes of doing much better with a blog.  If you have followed for any length of time, you know that I struggle with blogging as well.  And for anyone who may have started following in the last month or so....I am truly sorry!  My absence is RARELY to this extent.  The combination of moving and being short handled at work paired with it being busy season has definitely taken it's toll.  I named my blog after my favorite song of all time: A Beautiful Day by U2.  I can't really explain it, but no matter what is going on, whenever I hear this song it puts a huge smile on my face.
How old were you in 1993?
SERIOUSLY?????  Was this question really necessary?  I am probably old enough to have parented many of you, but I will not be the party pooper - I was 25 ****GASP****
What do you hope to get out of the DFW Bloggers community?
I have already been blessed to have met so many truly wonderful (not to mention beautiful, talented, smart and funny) ladies.  I can only hope to meet more and to strengthen the relationships that I have started.  And I definitely want to know when that tailgate is happening with sweet tea (or vodka) with Nicole.  That cannot be missed!
How much cash is in your wallet right now?
$0.14 - not even enough to make a call if I lost my cell phone.  My mother would NOT be  pleased.
Tell us about the most controversial blog post you’ve published and why it caused such a stir. You gotta share the link too!
I don't think that I have ever written a controversial blog post....but this is the one I am most proud of.  When you see me Saturday you will be - ummm, apparently it hasn't worked yet.  But at an any rate I tend not to do so well under stress - I am the first thing that I let go and there has been a lot of that lately.  I need to put me back at the top of the list .....PRONTO!
Are you a professional bowler?
Not even close, but I was on a bowling league for awhile.  I hope that Nicole meant it when she said that she was bringing extra socks, because if I don't have socks...my feet are not going in those FOOT FUNK shoes....true story!
What is your shoe size?
How do you earn money?
I am an account coordinator - which is apparently just a glorified name for "catch all b*itch"....sorry, I almost started to rant.  When I am really lucky I get paid to scrapbook...those times make my heart sing!
What are you wearing at the moment?
Slacks, cami, cardigan and sandals.  It was 70 when I left for work this morning and is now in the 40's - gotta love that TX  weather!
What’s your favorite beverage?
Is it OK if it is alcoholic?  Vodka tonics.  But I also love La Croix sparkling water in Berry.
Do you have kids? If so, how many and how old are they?
Yes.  I was blessed with one 12 year old man child and he truly makes my world go round.
If you were another person, would you be friends with you?
YES!  I can be the mom in a group when I need to be, but trust me ladies, I can party with the best of them.  I am also a great listener and supportive when a friend needs me.
Name 3 goals you have for your blog in 2013.
I want a blog makeover, to post more consistently and find a good balance between everyday life content and sharing my scrapbooking and Project Life
What’s the first thing you notice about people?
I have to agree with Nicole on this one.....how a person treats others - especially people providing services (wait staff, cashiers etc) speaks volumes.
Can you change a flat tire?
Sadly, no.
If you could spend the day with a celebrity, who would it be and why?
Keith Urban....I would love to hear him sing ALL DAY LONG and he seems like a very genuine and kind person (not too bad on the eyes either).  Sorry if that was superficial - I went all junior high!
Which social media site (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc.) do you use most?
I have to admit, I am pretty hit or miss on all three.  One thing I do check multiple times a day is Instagram (julesabd).  I am addicted to seeing everyone's pictures.
What are you most looking forward to at the DFW Bloggers’ Spring Meet Up?
Seeing both the familiar and non-familiar faces, great food, fun and fellowship!  Sounds like a great Saturday night to me!  Not to mention, sweet Nicole is doing all the work this time and I am in charge of nothing except to get myself there on time - oh, and to remember my socks!
And there you have it....wow, that took quite awhile!   Way to go big or go home for my first post back in what seems like forever.  I have so many things to post about in the near future, I just hope that I can manage to get it all organized and written.  Hopefully, my blogging hiatus has come to an end, but I am making no promises and if you saw the condition of my new garage you would understand the uncertainty....how did I accumulate so much stuff????


  1. Yay! Great seeing you back! I like these kinds of posts because I always learn a little something new about the writer. Have fun at your meet up!
    Are you all moved in?

  2. Good Lord, what is it about us bloggers NOT carrying enough cash to make a phone call to our mother or buy a Happy Meal?!?! And I'm teaching you how to change a flat tire. In fact, I'm inviting all y'all out to the country for a Tailgate Party and we're drinking sweet tea (vodka optional) and changing tires. That's our evening. Oh, and singing country music. LOL

  3. Fourteen cents, bahahahaha, that is so me! What would I do without my debit card? Loved your post today :) :) :)

  4. Ha! In 1993, I was 22 so not far behind you!
    I can't believe how many people I am old enough to be the mom of now :p
    I don't feel my age though :)

    Beautiful Day is one of my fave songs by them, too :)

  5. You are back!! Just keep it up, my friend!!

  6. She's back!!! :) This was so much fun-getting to know more about you. Love this.
    I won't tell you how old I was in 1993. ;)
    And for the record I normally have no money in my wallet either but someone stole my debit card this weekend so cash is my only form of payment right now until the bank replaces it. Ha ha.
    Did I mention that I LOVED this post? So glad you are back!

  7. Yay! You're back :)

    This is such a fun post! I also couldn't make a phone call with the money in my wallet most of the time. Its sad. And my mom gets so upset with me about it!

    Also - I went and checked out the post you referenced above. Those pictures are amazing!!! You are absolutely gorgeous :) I've been wanting to do a shoot like that, but I am waaaay to nervous! You rock for doing it and for sharing!

  8. Stopping by from the Texas Women Bloggers page since we are in the same area :) BTW, don't worry about the 1993 question. You look super young <333


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