Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Weekend Recap or....A Whole Lotta Random

I rarely do this kind of post, but we had a lot going on this weekend.  As I mentioned last week, I was hired to address some wedding invitations and they were due yesterday.  After spending some quality time with Zach, I sat down and got to writing.  I was on a roll and didn't stop until I got to the end.  I delivered them Saturday afternoon...TWO DAYS ahead of schedule.  If you know anything about me, that is unheard of!  My customer seemed pleased and summer camp is that much closer to be paid off.  SCORE!!!!

First type of envelopes
Second type with inner envelopes
All ready to deliver
I am moving in three months...possibly less, and am determined to not move a bunch of stuff that I no longer need or want.  That translates into a major organize and purge.The focus of the project for this weekend was closets and dressers.  There are no words to describe the former state of my closet....it was a disgrace!  With that being said, I had every intention of taking a before picture and knew that once I was finished I would have the courage to share, as the result would be quite epic.  MAJOR FAIL!  I was three quarters into the project before I remembered about the before photo.  The after will not be near as impressive now, but here is a glimpse anyway.

Sorry about that larger than life view of my brassiere
Much to my surprise...there really was a floor under all that mess!!!
All that remains are those two top shelves and those will be organized/condensed before the big move.  The result was 2.5 boxes of clothes, shoes and purses to donate so far - mine and Zachary's closets and his dresser.  I still have my dresser to go.  A charity will be picking up all of my stuff Saturday morning, so I will be getting everything else boxed up by then.

Since the move date is still very much up in the air, I thought it would be a good idea to get a jump on boxing up some things that I don't necessarily need on a regular basis, so in addition to all the purging that was accomplished, I got about six moving boxes packed as well.  It is going to be a little crazy, living with all the boxes that are sure to be accumulating in the coming weeks, but it will be all worth it  when I am not pulling my hair out because there is so much to still do at the end.  I am doing my best to keep it as orderly as possible.  Once the donation stuff has been removed, that will free up a lot of currently packed space.

To the left is all the donation items....including that crazy heavy television, as well as a 99% packed book shelf
all that remains is my jar of shells from Sanibel Island.....can't bare to pack them away just yet

Packed boxes complete with cat photo bombs
I am sure that some of you are wondering....why isn't she driving the clothing donations down herself?  Is she seriously lazy....making those people come and pick it up!?!?  Well the answer is simple...in addition to the boxes of clothing etc, there is also this huge relic of a TV (see above pic).  I kid you not, it weighs hundreds of pounds.  Besides the inconvenience of it's ridiculous weight it still has a fairly good picture and there is really nothing wrong with it.  I figure if there is someone out there without one, it could be appreciated....no?   Which brings me around to my television situation.  I have not had cable for well over two years.  I got so sick of paying those ridiculous cable bills and so I gave it up.  I replaced it with Netflix and more recently Hulu Plus. I had no local channels.  For my birthday this year I got an awesome 40" TV that weighs about 30 pounds give or take.....HEAVEN!!!!!  Although I still don't have cable, with the help of an HD  cable and an antennae, I now have normal television once again and a pretty fabulous picture.

The point of that whole rambling paragraph was that to top off the crazy busy weekend, Zach and I got to watch the Super Bowl in the comfort of our own home.  I had really forgotten how much I enjoyed watching a good football game and I think that me screaming at the television pretty much freaked my child out.  I live in Texas but am not a Cowboy fan at all....blasphemy, I know!  I  was really impressed with Colin K.... the quarterback for the SF 49ers.....so next season I will be cheering for the 49ers, win or lose.  Talk about blasphemy - a North Texas (pure Cowboy country)gal cheering on the 49ers.  Pure greatness!

Z and I being silly watching the game
Screen shot after the game
And finally,  I am not going to go into all the gory details but my son has gotten his electronics taken away until at least Friday and to say that he doesn't know what to do with himself is the understatement of the century.  Well apparently, 12 year old boys can bust out a Pinterest type project with the best of em.  Check it out....this is on his bedroom wall and actually pretty large.  Made totally out of Post-It Notes.

Post-It Notes does Mario
If you made it to the end of this crazy long, all over the place post, thank you for sticking with me!  I will be back tomorrow with my 5th, What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday.  It has quickly become my favorite link ups EVA!!!!!


  1. You got a lot done! It does feel great to purge and organize! I think you're smart to start boxing up when you can. Moving can be an overwhelming job but it you 'chunk it out' in pieces, it's not as bad. That is great about your new tv and watching the game. I actually watched the whole game too (I don't normally watch much football).
    Love the post it note artwork and your invitations turned out great!

  2. Purging is the greatest, is it not? We have one of those tv's as well, in the basement and the place we usually donate too doesn't take them anymore. We're trying to figure out what to do with it :) I love the Mario, that is hilarious!!! Looks like you guys had a great time Sunday :) We live in Missouri and are Cowboys fans so I get what you're saying :)

  3. I am one of those die hard Cowboys fans, but I was rooting for the 49ers too. But just that once! I LOVE your son's Mario. That is SUPER impressive!

  4. Congrats on the invites! They look fabulous :)

    Wow! You are doing great with purging and packing. We are moving in 7 weeks and I don't even have the boxes yet! You are putting me to shame!

    That is awesome that you got a new TV and could watch the Super Bowl. What a fun day! AJ is a Cowboys fan (from Jersey) and now we live in Chicago, but I don't like the Bears.

    The Mario is AMAZING! I showed it to AJ and he loves it too. And good for him for making a Pinterest project!

  5. First of all, your handwriting is beautiful! Nice job on those!! And that post it note Mario is completely awesome!!!!


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