Friday, April 20, 2012

Sunshine Award

How lucky am I?  Twice in a month I have been honored with a blog award.  I am not really sure where these originated, but the premise is a good one.  From everything that I can gather these awards benefit the recipients in a few of ways: for one it validates that people are out there reading what you are throwing down.  I have read blogs where people say that they blog for themselves and whether anyone is reading or not is of little consequence.  I will admit, a part of me blogs to have memories journaled for the future, but I am not going to lie…..I enjoy knowing that people are out there following.  Secondly, for those of us that are still struggling to get our blogs more widely noticed, it is bit of free advertising – and let’s face it peeps, that is never a bad thing.   The more people that visit, the greater chances that your blog will grow.  And finally, a recipient could have a plethora of followers, but I don't ever think it hurts to let someone know that you really enjoy their blog.

So….can I get a drum roll please?  Anna over at Oceannah granted me the Sunshine Award.

I recently found Anna’s blog and admire her choice of living – she has an organic homestead and blogs about the goings on around her land and life, not to mention she is a great writer and she loves the ocean (gotta love that).  Thank you so much, Anna for the Sunshine Award and for sharing A Beautiful Day with your readers!
As a recipient of the Sunshine Award, I am supposed to answer the following questions:
Q & A

Favorite Colors: blue, fuschia, purple

Favorite Animal: cat – but stay tuned because there may be a bit of puppy love in my future - but only from a distance
Hopefully....details to follow
Favorite Number: honestly, can’t say that I have one
Favorite Non-Alcoholic Beverage: if I am being honest, I have to say Diet Coke(I am forever battling to permanently delete the addiction)

Prefer Facebook or Twitter: hands down Facebook –I recently joined Twitter, but I am failing miserably

My Passion: scrapbooking and doing my best to make the best of every situation – sometimes I succeed and sometimes not so much

Favorite Pattern: this is a tough one, but lately I have been drawn to bold florals, especially where scrapbooking papers are concerned

Prefer Getting or Giving Presents: I think that everyone enjoys getting a great gift, but I love gifting a great one even more

Favorite Day of the Week: I love Fridays – especially the paycheck variety, but also any day of the week when I have my Z-man

He melts my courtesy of Jesse Leos
Favorite Flower: Star Gazer Lilly

There are a few fun facts that you may or may not know about me.  And now to complete the circle of Paying It Forward here are 10 Blogs That I Love.  The Liebster Blog Award that I received was specifically to help out new bloggers that were trying to increase their following – so I had to list five blogs with under 200 followers.  Not that I don’t love those as well, but it was a bit difficult because the blogs I read are AWESOME, and it seems that a lot of people agree with me.  I don’t believe that this Sunshine Award has that stipulation so I am just going to list ten blogs that I read religiously (in no particular order).  Do most of them REALLY need a shout out from little old me?  Nope, but that is not going to prevent me from sending you their way.   I hope that they will inspire, enlighten, educate and most importantly entertain you.  I love to take a few minutes out of my day and jump into theirs….ENJOY!!!!!

1. Cyn @ The Chunky Goddess I will continue to reiterate, the chunky is no longer relavent.  I can't say enough great things about her.  This gutsy lady speaks her mind.  I am convinced she is a Rockstar and if she didn't live half way across the country, I think we might be great friends...for reals!

2. Shannon @ Life After I "Dew" ...Shannon has recently become a SAHM, she has a precious little girl and blogs about whatever strikes her fancy...she tells it like it is with no sugar coating...just the way I like it.

3. Naked Mommy @ Naked Mommy Diaries ...if you have a sense of humor about parenting and tend to be at least a tad bit warped you will appreciate Naked Mommy for the genius that she is

4. Rachel @ "R" and "R" ...Rachel is the wife of a former co-worker and we have definitely formed a blog friendship and I can only hope that one day we can actually meet in person.  Her blog is chock full of fun pictures of their life in Colorado that frequently make me long to be somewhere cooler and more beautiful

5. Megan @ Two Parts Sunshine ...Megan is a dear friend and blogs about all things sustainable, earth and animal friendly and you may occasionally get a glimpse of her decorating genius

6. Rachel and Jesse @ Starfish and Coffee ...Jesse has taken Zachary's birthday pictures for the last three years....his genius is ALL over this blog, but Jesse and Rachel are also in the process of adopting two little ones from Uganda.  Follow their journey and read about their unwavering faith in our Lord...they are true examples of putting it all in HIS  hands.

7. Ducky @ Batcrap Crazy ...I found Ducky because she commented on this scary post.  I have been following her ever since.  She is witty and has that kick of snarky that I just love.  Her blog is a blast to read!

8. Ashley @ I Love You More Than Carrots ...soon to be mother of two and seriously funny.  Her lastest post is entitled "Tiny Baby Hands in My Hoo-Ha"  - enough said...go visit!

9. Shelley @ The House of Smiths ....this lady and her husband take creativity and DIY to a whole nother level....sometimes I feel like I am not even worthy to be  Head on over, you will not be disappointed

10. Kelly @ Enjoying the Small Things ...yes, I am aware that probably the majority of the blogging world knows about Kelle Hampton, Bloom and Enjoying the Small Things.  That does not detract from my mad love.  I love her writing...I swoon over her pictures...and I busted out Bloom in two evenings - tears streaming and all.  Will she join in these reindeer games...probably not, but you just never know.

OK, Peeps...there you have it!  Thanks for baring with me for this incredibly long post...although it was probably much longer for me to create than for you to read through.  Thank you again to Anna for the blog love, and I hope that you will take a bit and check out some of my blog loves.  Have a GREAT weekend!!!  MWAH!!!!!


  1. Congrats! That's awesome!!

  2. Hurray Jules, sister scrap book lover :) I look forward to checking out the blogs you spread the luv too also. Have a wonderful weekend. Hugs.

  3. Thank you for your kind words!! Blog awards are awesome and its been a long time since I've seen one. Thank you for including me among bloggers that rock!! I'm already munching on who is going to be on my list of 10. Such pressure....darn good thing I have my wonder woman shirt on today (and undies fyi). Gotta roll in style ;O)

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I love meeting new bloggers and love reading your comments....each and every one!