Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Soccer Guilt and I Gotta Get My Groove Back

Happy Hump Day….we are on the downhill slide!

Zachary’s soccer team is on fire….that is the only way to describe it.  They are not just winning, they are winning BIG! There have been 10+ goals scored in all three games.  Before you gasp and think how obnoxious is that, most of these kids have seen their share of really rough seasons where trust me, we couldn’t have paid for a goal.  It is good for them to finally be on the other side….a huge confidence boost. 
I think I put an Instagram whammy on this pic....he is so not this pale!
I have to admit though, I really feel bad for the other teams!!!  We know firsthand how it feels to not just lose, but lose in a big way.  Am I wrong to feel like the coach should call the boys off once it becomes obvious that they are going to really win?  Let’s just take out of the equation the fact that I used to be married to the coach….any thoughts?
Moving on to the next dilemma:  I am having a really hard time getting back in to the swing of exercising.  Before my trip in March, I was doing so well.  I had dropped about 8 pounds and was moving right along on the Couch Potato – 5K running program.   When I got back from Chicago, I was sporting the most insane blisters that I have ever experienced (great trip, but those blisters were just plain CRAZY).  Anyway, I have just had a horrible time reengaging since then.  And no, I do not need to be reminded how long it has been since I got back.  I am not feeling very good about the situation and for lack of better words…..I seriously need my groove back.  The last week or so I have been seriously considering joining Weight Watchers.  My mom joined back a couple of months ago – even though she only had about 12 pounds or so to lose, but she is loving it and says that it is much easier than it ever was before.  Not to mentioned Cyn – the Weight Watchers Rockstar who I religiously follow at The Chunky Goddess…..ummmm… girlfriend seriously needs to change the name, cause trust me she ain’t chunky!!!!  I have tried it before, but it was literally YEARS ago so yes, I am a little apprehensive….should I do it online….should I find a meeting close by?  What to do….what to do?  I would greatly appreciate any comments or suggestions on WW or how in the world to get my exercise groove back.  HELP!!!!!!

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  1. I can't speak for WW because I've never done it, but Dukan has really worked for me.
    In regard to exercise... NO EXCUSES!!!! Set a time and DO IT. You're a busy mom and deserve that time to improve your health. 8 months ago I couldn't climb a flight of stairs without gasping for air, I'm not exaggerating. I now run for 45+ minutes and sing along with my iPod while doing it!

    Dr. Dukan suggests a minimum of a 30 minute walk per day. I started out 8 months ago doing just that, at 830 pm each night. I have kept that routine, even through 7 weeks of cold and rain this winter (it seriously rained EVERY night, I think the running kept me sane!)

    So just DO IT... NO EXCUSES, a healthier you is a walk/run away :)
    xoxo ~ Sandi


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