Thursday, April 26, 2012

Yep....I Am All Over the Place

More likely than not this post is going to be all over the place.   Seems like a bunch is going on, but there is no rhyme or reason….further confirmation in my mind that I may suffer from adult ADD…SERIOUSLY!!! 

Zachary’s soccer team lost this past Saturday, and although I was sad to see them lose, it may just have been good for them.  The first three games were runaways, with their opponents barely scoring if at all.   I think they were starting to get that “we are invincible” mentality.  It was a good reality check for them and hopefully grounded them a bit.  Hopefully, this week will be back in the “W” column, but maybe not with such an overwhelming margin.

In my last post, I made reference to this little cutie:

DISCLAIMER: no person in my family put Haley in this tutu – nor will they EVER!!!  Haley has in fact arrived – at my parent’s house.  My dad has wanted a dog for quite awhile.  However, my parents have been cat people for as long as I can remember.   Not that they didn’t like them, they have just had cats.  They are both HUGE animal lovers.  If you are one of those people that believe in reincarnation, trust me you would want to come back as one of parents’ pets.  Any animal that sets foot in the house is going to lead a VERY GOOD LIFE!!!!  My dad has had his eye on Haley for quite a while and has finally managed to wear my mom down.  Haley comes from a rescue organization and is part Pit part Lab.  She has stolen my heart and I have yet to meet her.  Hopefully, I will have more pictures (sans the tutu) next post.  Zach and I are going to meet her tonight.

I was a little crafty last night.  Honestly, wasn’t really in the mood but it was a friend’s birthday and she is worth it.  
Kristin and I
I definitely followed the theme I was using last month when I sent out my blog giveaways.  I adore these color combinations and the Stampin’ Up Designer Series Paper.  Unfortunately, it has been discontinued for quite awhile and I am getting down to scraps…how sad! 
25 you say?  Yes, I am old enough to be her mom, but just barely ; )
 For those of you in the working world (outside the home) you probably know that yesterday was Administrative Professional’s Day.  I heard about it last week and then really didn’t think another thing about it.  Honestly, in years past the “holiday” was rarely recognized in my part of the building.  This year it has been a whole new ballgame.  Yesterday, bright and early, I got this box of Yummy from the main two guys that I work for. 

Dark chocoalte covered strawberries (HUGE) and granny smiths
I of course shared the love (too much for one person to consume), but it was great way to start the morning.  They also bought me lunch….Portobello Ravioli at Olive Garden!!!  This morning, I came into these:

Pretty, pretty!
They showed up after I had left yesterday.  I leave at 4:00 PM on Wednesdays to pick up Zachary.  This little vase of sunshine is from another guy in the office….I don’t do as much for him, but I do book his flights and do his expenses once a month.  All in all, I have to say that this APD…has ROCKED!  Oh, and I forgot to mention….tomorrow is another lunch out.  HOW LUCKY AM I????

And finally, in this all over the place post…here is the promised last glimpse of my girl’s weekend in Chicago.  As I mentioned in this post, I trusted the picture taking to my two very competent traveling partners.  They both take awesome pictures and have much better cameras than I do.  I was not disappointed!   I received Jennifer’s picture disc last week and created another collage with some of my favorites.  By the way, I love Picasa 3.  I am not a computer whiz, but this program makes these cool collages quick, easy and virtually dummy proof if I do say so myself.  ENJOY!  


  1. Julie, Those are some very sweet gifts! Sounds like the guys really appreciate all you do for them in the office.
    I love your tip on the photo software. I am very new to the dig cam world and not so tech savvy. Looks like you all had a blast in the Windy City :)
    Very Beautiful box too! I love working with paper. My only other medium I prefer to paper is clay. Have a great weekend.

  2. Fun post... lots going on... the dog in the tutu is adorable!!!!


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