Monday, April 30, 2012

Puppy Love (& Cats) Photo Party and a Weekend Recap

It’s Monday, Peeps!  Had a pretty low key weekend, but spent it with my sweet boy, so no complaints from me.  Friday after school, he got an awesome haircut.  He much prefers the ultra shaggy look, but I can only handle it for so long before I am going nuts! 

Showing off the new do....much to his chagrin
Saturday started with soccer pictures and a game.  They tied 2-2, but all in all it has been a good season so far.  Zachary is taking the summer off, but will start back playing in the fall with his dad coaching.  We saw The Hunger Games again, this time in IMAX.  I must have nodded off a few times during the first one (it was the middle of the night after all), cause I caught all kind of things the second time around and I still LOVE it!  Yesterday was quiet – the normal weekend stuff….grocery, laundry and some scrapping.  Here is another peek….

I am participating in a fun link up with Becky over at Reinventing the Ordinary.  She is hosting Puppy Love (& Cats) Photo Party. 


So far it has been all about the pups, but you know me throwing a curve ball into the mix.  This guy is not a fan of the camera (which is not a great combination with me), so when I get a good one I more than eager to share!

He looks SOOOO innocent doesn't he?

Jackson (Jack for short) is our little feline hell on wheels.  He has more spunk than any cat should be allowed to have and his personality is quirky to say the least.  Never fear, he does have his super sweet moments, and let’s not ignore the fact that he is a really pretty cat….otherwise I may just have shipped him to a farm by now to be a killer barn cat….you think I’m kidding.  OK, you caught me…I am.  It would break Zach’s heart (even thought he seems to get the brunt of Jack’s naughtiness), and I have to be honest – I would miss the little jerk guy more than I care to admit.  My parent’s rescued Jack and got him neutered….and as they say…the rest is history.  Why didn’t they keep him, you ask?  They already had four at the time.  He has been living with Zach and I since Thanksgiving day 2010.

Although, sweet little Haley is not actually mine, I didn’t want to leave her out.  I guess you could call her my Fur Sister.  Haley is a rescue dog and has been with my parents since this past Thursday.

So far, she seems like a very sweet girl.  She is 18 months old and is a pit/lab mix.  Maybe for next month’s link up, I will have more to report on Haley but for now you can once again enjoy her “Glamour Shot”.  Not sure what you guys think, but I am pretty sure that pit bull and tutu should NEVER appear in the same sentence (or photo for that matter).

Haley's Glamour Shot
For those of you with fur babies of the canine or feline variety, head over to the Puppy Love (& Cats) Photo Party and link yourself up!!!  Happy Monday!


  1. Jack is beautiful!! Our next dog will be a rescue dog for sure! Haley is beautiful glad your parents rescued her!

  2. Well... first let me say...Nice Haircut. Zach looks like he is a fun kid. I remember those soccer days, although they didn't play to long. There was some baseball ... and then tennis. Tennis all thru high school and then college. I do miss those days. That's one reason I got my little yorke, Blake. He's my empty nest child. Zach is beautiful. He looks like he is a pretty independent cuss. I 'm so glad you shared his picture. We can't discriminate. I love them all. I'm so glad that Haley got into the mix. That tutu is bananas. Stuff like that makes a lot of people shake their head... but I just love to do it cuz it makes me laugh and smile. thanks so much for linking up with us. Your family is beautiful.

  3. That glamour shot is the cutest thing ever!

  4. I left a pure white cat (Oyster) in Abu Dhabi... he LOVED having his picture taken... he's with a new mommy who sends me pics all the time :) Love Zach's hair cut... he looks like his mom :)

  5. @Lauren...I thought the tutu was kind of silly, but apparently I am in the minority. Thank you for stopping by.

  6. @Sandi... how nice that you are able to keep in touch with your sweet Oyster. And thank you for the sweet comments about Zach...i always love to hear that someone sees the resemblance, but then you have never seen his ;)


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