Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Little Random...A Little Frivilous....And Yes - I Threw In A Little Junior High (SO SUE ME)

Super busy weekend!  It seems like Friday evening came around - I blinked - and it was time to head back to the office.  Needless to say, apartment still needs to be picked up and three piles of laundry are yelling at me from my bedroom floor....tonight is another night.  Saturday started with an early morning work out - I am one workout away from completing Week 2 of the Couch Potato to 5K program and thankfully, I am still hanging in there.That was followed by a trip to the grocery and Zach's indoor soccer game.  His team is still in search of that ever elusive mark in the win column, but they are really trying and getting better every week.  It never helps when only four odf the kids have ever played together.  Sunday morning we hit the ground running.  Another early morning workout for me then on to church, a movie and then out to watch the Super Bowl with friends.  Zachary and I saw Man On A Ledge.  Although it was a bit predictable. we both enjoyed it and it was worth a trip to the theater at matinee prices.

Man on a Ledge Poster

The Super Bowl get together was really fun.  One of my coworkers/kinda boss' wife is an excellent cook and Zachary and I went over to their house to watch the game and more than anything, for us girls to socialize.  I was so proud of Zachary - Brian and Judy have two younger boys and he played with them on the Wii for most of the evening.  He did me proud.  Judy made an axcellent dinner - so should have taken a picture!  I wasn't all that into the game although I was pulling for the Giants.  I am not really a big football fan, but what I am is over Tom Brady and the Patriots - sorry Giselle!  So I was pretty excited when the Giants held on to win....OH HAPPY DAY!!!!!  Let's move on to those all important SB commercials!  There wasn't alot to rave about, but two that really grabbed my attention and I feel are noteworthy.  Can I get an AMEN for Clint Eastwood???  I seriously choked up on that one not to mention that it made me proud to be an American (is that too hokey for you?).  I am on board with all those people that are posting "Clint Eastwood for President"!   

I am betting at this point in the post you are thinking "Where in the world is she going with the junior high????"  Patience, patience my dear blog friends....that junior high is coming right up in the form of this BEAUTIFUL specimen of a man:

WOWSA!!!!!  Ummm....somebody knew the ladies were going to be watching on Sunday.  I guess asking for an "AMEN" to David Beckham's new bodywear line would be inappropriate, so a double WOWSA will have to suffice.  Everything about that ad was HOT, HOT, HOT!!!!  Before you shake your head in disgust and swear that you will never again read my blog, please know that I am aware that this paragraph was not appropriate fodder for a 40 something mom, and I seriously doubt it will ever happen again....HOWEVER....I did enjoy absolutely every second of it and will admit that I may be visitingYou Tube now and again to take in the wonder.  If you weren't lucky enough to catch the first glimpse, here it is in all it's glory......you can thank me later.

On that note, I will attempt to regain my composure....don't you dare judge!!!!! : )  Coming soon....a guest post and the Valentine Blog Swap reveal.  Have a great week!


  1. so not junior high -- i definitely s w o o n & gush all over mr. beckham because he is a bonafide grade A specimen of manmeat!

    i would eat him right up... ha!

    love your blog & happily returning the follow!


  2. Hi Julie thanks for the helpful advice on the paperwhites. I'm sending hubby out to buy some vodka. =)

  3. Great job on the Couch Potato to 5K training! Keep it up! The Super Bowl party sounds like it was a lot of fun and I agree - David Beckham is super pretty.


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