Friday, August 29, 2014

Fitness Friday:08.29.14

How has a week flown by already???  True to my world (at least for this week) I am here linking up with ALG Uninterrupted for ....
ALG Uninterrupted
In the spirit of keeping things real...there isn't any sugar coating going on here,  I am going to recap the week just as it happened.  My exercising was more on point than it has been in a couple of months and for that I am proud.  On the flip side, there was also a fair amount of "eating like a fat girl".  It was not entire days of eating bad, but meals here and there that were not, shall we say "nutrition forward".  Definitely not conducive to weight loss!  

Here is last week's workout recap:

Friday:  Cardio warm up, strength training, a little more cardio

Saturday: Cardio warm up, strength training, 5K with the  Camp Miss Fit ladies

August Gusto 5K - River Legacy Park
Sunday:  Cardio warm up, strength training, 6 mile walk at River Legacy

Survived weights...heading to the park
Monday: 4 miles at River Legacy, 2 rounds of strength training

Tuesday: boot camp, strength training

A little Shakeology after a really LONG day
It was also apparently National Dog Day - whatever the h@ll that means...but LAWD, isn't she cute?????

Wednesday:  Hallelujah - REST DAY!!!!!

Thursday:  boot camp, strength training

I know, I guys are probably thinking that I have lost my mind on the crazy strength training schedule, but there IS a method to my madness. The program calls for 4 days a week - M, T, TH, F.  I found the program on a Wednesday and instead of waiting until Monday to start, I was all gung ho and wanted to start on Friday.  After my double work out on Monday I was caught up and am now on the recommended schedule.  I promise that I will post in more detail about the program next week

That about wraps it up....the good, the bad and the ugly.  If you read this post yesterday, then you know that my workouts are pretty much scheduled for the whole month of September.  My hope is to stick to that next week as well as improve on those fat girl eating tendencies.

Have a safe and wonderful Labor Day...enjoy that extra day if you are lucky enough to have it off. Here's to the weekend and thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. I like the 4 simple rules! I have to remember that. You are doing awesome! I'm totally in awe of your workout schedule and I feel like a slacker!! I love your comment about "nutrition forward"!!! haha! And yes your dog is so adorable!

  2. I agree with the above poster... I also like those 4 simple rules! Excited to find your blog... count me in as a follower.

  3. Great fitness week! Cute puppy!

  4. Awesome, Julie!
    And it happens! The food thing. It definitely happens.
    I love those four little rules. Going to pin that :)
    For now I am shooting for 5 days a week exercise, only one soda per week and one sweet a day. No fast food.

  5. You are doing so awesome!

    I love those four rules. I have been really bad about eating + not working out lately. And I got on the scale this morning...highest I've ever been. So I definitely needed that motivation today! Missing a Monday is my downfall. I missed a Monday about a month ago...and I haven't worked out since!


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