Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Fail to Plan, Plan to Fail

If like me, you are on the "get healthy" bandwagon you probably already know that if you ask the same "get healthy" question to 4 different people, chances are, you will get 4 pretty different answers.  It is beyond frustrating.  Why can't there just be one straight forward answer that will get your body moving in the right direction????

One saying I have heard from all walks of fitness life is this one:

Fail to plan, plan to fail.

As a self proclaimed procrastinator this one is HARD for me.  Hmmmmm.....perhaps that is why I am losing weight at a snail's pace.  My fabulous boot camp instructor (and friend) has been telling me and the whole class to plan our workouts for the week....don't wait til the day of to decide - plan out a week at a time and stick to it.  I may or may NOT have been kind of listening to this.  I was recording my workouts in my planner but more like the next morning.  Probably not near as effective, but I could get a picture of what I was (or wasn't) accomplishing.  

Up until the last week or so, I would say that August has been a challenge for me.  Workouts are in pink - please excuse all the other stuff - bills, appointments, social stuff.  This planner is the best $9.99 I have spent in a really long time...just sayin'.  On a side note, I am participating in a 1500 minutes of exercise challenge this month and even with my sporadic workouts I am only 140 minutes shy of the goal with 4 workout days to go #noexcuses #1500in31

Today at lunch I busted out my calendar for September.  I have started a 12 week weight training program that I will talk about in another post, but will tell you that since starting to exercise in March my rear has never been more sore...I digress.  Boot camp as well as my strength training days have been added to my September calendar as well as cardio days.  The only thing that I have to focus on is what the specific cardio will be.  For me, this is an aggressive schedule.  Will I be able to keep it up? Only time will tell, but I am going to do my best to stick to it.  I will listen to my body and if I need an additional rest day during the week, I won't hesitate to take it.  I KNOW that it is not all about the number on the scale, but I am determined to get it moving at least a little bit.  I am still way too heavy for it to stop me on that! 

Before everyone starts telling me that nutrition is the MOST important....I am working on that as well.  Trust me, I know - it is by far my biggest struggle.  Hi, my name is Julie, and I am addicted to food!  It is a CONSTANT battle for me.  It does not help that I am not a great cook and pretty much detest every aspect of it.  If I could afford a personal chef, life would be GOLDEN!  On a positive note, I do make a pretty yummy all the raw veggies!!!!!!!  That definitely needs to be my next hurdle....seriously planning out my meals and being aware and accountable for everything I eat....did I mention I stink at food journaling?   

The weight WILL come off...maybe not as quickly as I would like, but mark my word, IT WILL HAPPEN.  I will once again get into that huge tub of clothes in my garage that is currently too small!  I know it may not show up so well, but that big red circle on the calendar above.....yep, it does say Luke Bryan and yep, I am so excited I just may pee my seems like I have been waiting FOREVER!!!!

Although, the author of this quote is unknown - something very similar comes out of Heather's mouth on a weekly basis at boot camp and it is SOOOO true:

Your Fitness
is 100% MENTAL!
Your body
GO, where
your MIND
doesn't PUSH

What about you?  Do you plan workouts and meals?  Thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. I love this post, Julie! I really need to be better about planning ahead . . . but - one step at a time :)

    P.S. Super jealous about Luke Bryan!

  2. I've never planned my workouts, except when Mike and I did P90X, then he kept the schedule. I do plan my meals, weekly, and always have. I have it down to a science now and it takes no time at all.

  3. I usually plan our dinners for the week and for breakfast/lunch I typically rotate a few different things over and over again so I guess it's pretty much planned. I do journal my food and workouts on my phone (when I'm being vigilant--and I try to be as much as I can). You are doing so great!!

  4. I plan dinners every week. My mom hates cooking, and when she found out that I was planning my meals, she asked me to include her. So every weekend I write up a grocery list + recipes for the week and send them to her, my dad and my brother too. So I don't have an option not to plan, because someone on the email chain will wonder what happened!

    Breakfast is almost always Cheerios. And now that school is in session, I have to pack lunch the night before, or I run out of time in the morning and end up with 3 packs of fruit snacks and two cheese sticks to hold me over all day. (That wasn't so fun when I was starving by 5th period today!)

    I don't plan my workouts though. I did when I did blogilates before the wedding, because she had a calendar you follow. But you are right - when I had a plan, I did so much better!

    PS. So excited for you to see Luke Bryan!!!


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