Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Tuesday Tunes

I know you guys are eagerly awaiting the culmination of my FL trip in pictures (or not)....and I promise they are coming.  Got a little off track, so I am going to side track for another day and hook up with HolliLeslyn and Lauren for Tuesday Tunes.

Leslyn's Lovely Life

I have been struggling lately, and this one, well it is pretty self explanatory...especially when you really listen to the words!

And this cutie patootie was in Dallas recently...I passed on getting concert tickets even though I had seen him the last three times he had been in town - if you haven't had the pleasure, he puts on an amazing show!  Why you ask, did I pass?  Well, the concert was outside in Texas, in Aug or Sept - enough said.  This one is one of my most favorites in a long time....so simple, but SO MUCH FUN!!!!!

That is it for today.  Happy Tuesday and welcome to October!  Thanks for stopping by!


  1. I love that Katy Perry song. I'm trying not to listen to it TOO much, because I tend to listen to songs that I like A LOT and then I end up getting burnt out on them.

  2. The Katy Perry has grown on me the more I have heard it. As far as Keith Urban, he could sing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and make it sound good. LOL Great song choices!!

  3. I love Keith Urban! Next time we should go see him (if its indoors or cooler temps). Katy Perry is growing on me. I really like some of her songs and then there are some i dont like at all. I do like the words to this too.
    Hang in there girlie! You're a fighter . Love you

  4. I love that KP song. I don't know the KU one so I'll have to give it a listen! And yes I'm waiting on that FL follow up post!

  5. I love Roar! Heard it this morning on my way in. It helped a bit with my state of mind, I'm having an emotional one. Hope you're doing OK :)

  6. Loving that Keith Urban song! I was a fan of his in the beginning, then started losing interest and now I am loving him again!!!

  7. I LOVE those songs! Thanks for sharing!

  8. Hi Jules!

    Well, as a guy I more like to watch Katy Perry than listen to the words! ;-)

    Thanks so much for dropping by my blog and following. I have done the same for you on Twitter, email, and Bloglovin. Looking forward to reading your blog!

    Also, thanks so much for adding me to your Blogs I Love List! You're awesome!


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