Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Some REALLY Late Link Ups

Disclaimer:  In my defense, I did start this post on Monday when these link ups would have been MUCH more relevant....better later than never, right???  Sorry, not sorry!

I will apologize in advance if you are sick and tired of me and my links up, but hey if it gets me to post...let's just roll with it, shall we?  And, this will be a fun post...packed with pics and yes, I took them ALL with the big girl camera which may or may not be totally obviously!   OK, here goes....for the first time, I am linking up with Sami for:

Sami's Shenanigans

You know how sometimes your eyes are bigger than your stomach?  Well I am not sure what to call my weekend, but it was the activity equivalent to that.  I crammed way too much into my weekend - most specifically one day of it.  My Saturday morning started with a catch up breakfast with one of my besties....6:00 AM no less...our schedules are killing us, but we made it work!  I ran home to pick up Zach and we hit the road.  Wortham, TX bound to be exact.  It is about an hour and 45 minutes from home and the site for Tough Mudder Dallas 2013.  

If you don't know about this obstacle event, click the link and learn about the insanity that is Tough Mudder.  It was crazy....there were people of all ages and sizes - some were wearing costumes.  

It is an obstacle course like no other and before you start wondering how the chick that can't even RUN a 5K got herself into this pickle, I was just a spectator and picture taker.  Three guys from my office were participating and I volunteered to try to get them some photos.  In my opinion, the best part of TM is that they stress that it is not a race, it is about supporting each other and getting through it.  Over the course of the day I saw countless times when Mudders were helping other Mudders complete an obstacle whether they were teammates or not and I loved that.  Tough Mudder is also a huge supporter of the Wounded Warrior Project.   I don't know how anyone could argue with that!  Two of these guys were Tough Mudder virgins....the one in the yellow - this was his third!

Here is just a big photp dump sampling of the pics that I captured Saturday....I wish Zach and I would have made it to more of the obstacles....but I will do better next time.  I am already seriously considering volunteering for 2014.

First obstacle
Arctic, I did not make that up

Prior to the Cage Crawl

Cage Crawl....scary if you are claustrophobic

The guys giving each other a boost - Berlin Walls....yep there were two

Funky Monkey

The final obstacle - Electroshock Therapy
THEY DID IT!!!!!!!!

I loved this sign....and this day was definitely release form worthy!

And I can't forget this guy....he was a trooper!

Zachary had a soccer game at 8:oo PM that eventually got rained out.....crazy weather blew in.  By the time we got home it was about 9:30 and the last event on our list was my dear friend Holli's Halloween party.  We were exhausted and add to that the the wild weather and I made the decision to stay home.  I felt terrible and know that I missed a great party!

Sunday morning we were up bright and early for Zach's annual birthday pictures.  We went to Dallas in the arts district and managed to squeeze the session in even with the threat of rain looming.  This was our fifth year having them done with Jesse.  We are thrilled with his work and I only wish that I had started taking these side by side photos the very first year we started with him.....Zach was only 9 then. :(

We got to meet their new son, Ollie (I wish I had taken a picture).  They recently adopted him from Uganda.  He is precious and so obviously an incredible blessing to Jesse and Rachel. Congratulations to this new little family!  By the time we got home from Dallas, we were pretty spent and managed to get a little resting in on Sunday afternoon before gearing up for another week!

Even though it is really late for it I am linking up with my girl Holli for:

Leslyn's Lovely Life

Just for Holli and in honor of Halloween tomorrow, I am going to the spooky side.....seriously, who doesn't love a little "Thriller"????  Love you, Holli!!!


  1. Always love to hear Thriller! You're making feel tired (and lazy) after your super busy weekend! Great shots at the TM! I love the Dos Eqis sign too. Zack looks so handsome. I bet the pics turned out great!

  2. Man, I'm super wiped out after your weekend! You should have called in sick Monday! Haha! One of my friends did Tough Mudder this year too, so cool. Great pictures and I bet they loved having you there to take them.

  3. Sounds like a crazy busy weekend!
    I seriously think that cage crawl looks freaky!
    But congrats to them on making it through!

    Love Thriller!!
    Happy Halloween!! :)

  4. OMG I just can't bring myself to do the Tough Mudder I am not tough enough at all lol!! Looks like they had a blast

  5. I love you and forgive you for missing my party! There's always next year. What in the crap is the electrashock therapy? I'm exhausted just reading about it all those obstacles.
    Thriller is one of the best for sure! Happy Halloween on the most awesome day of the year

  6. What a great weekend! The Tough Mudder competition looks awesome and intense! That cage crawl would have been my undoing!

    Hope you share some of Zach's pictures!

  7. Awesome post and pics on Tough Mudder. I did the Warrior Dash this past August and ran it for St Jude's as my charity. Maybe a Tough Mudder next.

    Happy Halloween!

  8. Tough Mudding - now that's a new term for me.


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