Friday, July 26, 2013

In Focus Friday w/ My Minds Lens: July 2013

Kaeley is here today for her monthly installment of In Focus Friday.  She is sharing some of the beautiful places that she has been as well as the "short" list of amazing places she hopes to visit in the future!


If I had my way, I would quit my job and spend the next two years traveling the world.  There are so many beautiful places that I would like to visit and photograph.  The short list?  Greece, Italy, Ireland, Australia, Bali, Brazil, Peru, Iceland, Turkey and Costa Rica.  Yes - that's the short list.  However, I have been fortunate to have traveled to several places that I consider beautiful.

1. Ocho Rios {Jamaica}

2. The Forbidden City {China}

3. Crater Lake {Oregon}

4. Po Lin Monastery {Hong Kong}

5. Redwood National Park {California}

SADLY, the Forbidden City and Hong Kong pictures are not mine . . . mine are locked up on my old hard drive and I have no way to access them right now.  But they really are beautiful places, and hold a lot of history.

Next month, I will be sharing some technical tips - so be sure to check back!

I special requested those technical tips, so I can't wait!!!!  I am working on a post about my fabulous experience with Persnickety be looking for that in the next day or so.  Have a wonderful weekend!


  1. As always, such great photos!

  2. Your photos are stunning.
    I love your short long list isn't even as long as your short list ;)

  3. The pictures are beautiful! They make me want to run away from work and start traveling right this second!


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