Thursday, March 7, 2013

We're A Movin' On Up.....or across town

So, for those of you that are on the edge of your seat waiting for the moving update here goes nothing.  I signed the lease last Friday.  I had to leave work early even though I had a pile of work to do, but I was excited to get the keys and check things out.  Well to my disgust, when I walked in through the garage I was greeted with about 15 dead horse flies that were big enough that if they banded together, they probably could have carried of my 10 lb think I kid.  BUT it gets I progressed through the duplex there were not only a plethora of fly carcasses, but there were also a tribe of live ones flying all over the place.  I will be honest with you.....this girl was FREAKED out.  I had no idea where they were coming from....the duplex did not smell and was in fact very clean (well with the exception of the fly infestation).  The Cliff Notes version is the that the property management company took care of it.  They bombed on Monday and when I was there last night, there were a very few dead ones and not a one buzzing around .....HALLELUJAH!!!!  Here's to hoping they stay the heck away.

My actual move date is not until April 18th, but I am trying to get as much done as I can before hand.  I am hoping to have pretty much everything moved except the furniture.  I have A LOT of stuff stored...plain and simple.  This past Sunday I managed to get everything out of my garage....which is not attached to my apartment - I am giving it up as of March 14th.  I am all about saving the bucks right now.  I also have an outside storage on my patio and last night, Zachary and I got that all moved over to the new place.  So although there is virtually nothing in the duplex the garage is filling up quickly.  sorry for the poor picture quality!

Thank heavens for friends with trucks

Yep, stuff is piling up.....

and on the other side too!

Trust me....we didn't waste any space!
This weekend, I am planning on packing more and hopefully tackling lining some of the kitchen cabinets.  They are calling for rain, so I am not sure how much I will be able to get moved.  I have been really lucky so far to have access to a truck a couple of times and that has made my trips significantly more productive since normally my mode of transportation is a Honda Civic.  All in all, I feel pretty good about my progress so far.  I am packing up my scrapping stuff this weekend and quite frankly that has me feeling a bit antsy, but it has to be done (right, Katie???).  The sooner I get it all done, the sooner I will get settled.  I guess there is always a chance that I could move up the move date.  Oh, did I mention I still have to squeeze in painting?????

That is about it from here....sorry it wasn't so entertaining, but at least there is a good explanation for my absence.  I will leave you with this little sweetie pie in case you haven't already seen her on Instagram...last week it was dill pickles and this morning bananas.....GO FIGURE!!!!

Sweet little Jessi


  1. I am really glad that they were able to take care of the fly thing for you. That happened to my parents too. They'd purchased a new vacation home in the winter. And when they'd been away from it for a week in the summer, we came back to a ton of flies! And they'd left the place very clean, no food or anything. But it was a freak thing, I think, because I never saw it happen again!

    That is great that you are getting your things moved. I am sorry about the scrapbook stuff getting packed up though. That is so stressful!

  2. Good luck with everything girl! I always find it exciting to reorganize your life during a move!

  3. I would have been FREAKING OUT over the flies, but at least they were flies and not something worse like...spiders!!!! I love the pictures!! Maybe you'll make such great progress over the weekend that you really will be able to up your move date! Wouldn't that be fantastic? Either way, you are going to have the most amazing spring in your new place!

  4. Oh my, that must have been shocking!
    Although, I can handle flies a little better than something like ants or spiders.
    Looks like you have gotten a ton done, but I am sure there is still a lot to go.
    I dread the idea of ever moving all of our stuff. :)

  5. Sounds like you are going well with the move :)
    As for your scrappy goodies, when we moved, my brother was a bit confused as every box he carried had Crafts written on them lol.

  6. I'm so psyched for you guys!! I'm glad the flies are taken care of. That would have freaked me out! At least the place is clean. We've bought houses that were dirty! Not fun to move into. It's nice to have the luxury of time to get yourself moved in.
    That kitty is too cute. I love seeing what she eats!


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