Thursday, March 21, 2013

Third Thursday Scrapbook Stories: March 2013 Edition

It is that time again....Third Thursday Scrapbook Stories with Katie.  If you have taken the time to check out Katie's blog (and if you haven't.....get yourself over there!), you know that she currently resides in Chicago - such an awesome city!  But on Saturday, she and her fiance are embarking on a new adventure.....the are moving to Baton Rouge, LA.  I know she is going to miss the fabulous view from her crafting desk, but I am so excited that she is going to be considerably closer to me in little ole' Texas.  We have decided that we are going to meet, no matter what we are going to make it happen!  Before I get carried away, I will turn it over to Katie....she is all organized with a craft basket for her long drive on Saturday.....Project Life must go on!!!!!


Happy Third Thursday of March :) I hope you all enjoyed the first day of spring yesterday!

Like Julie, I am in the middle of a big move. Right now, all of our things are on a truck on their way to Louisiana. Including all most of my craft things.

I say "most" because I kept out a few essentials for Project Life. I couldn't be completely craft-less for over a week!

Now, I know that I should be able to complete Project Life with just the core kit + binder + pictures. But lets be honest here...I love having way more things than I actually need at my disposal. What if I suddenly need a stamp with red ink and I don't have it on me! I just like to be overly prepared. And it all fit in the cute little box, so why not?!

1. Project Life Core Kit in Cobalt my current project life kit
2. Martha Stewart Ink Pad Sets lots of colors, not a lot of space
3. Sharpie Pens my favorite for journaling
4. Clementine Cardstock (to be honest, not sure why I have this...its for the kit I will start using on May 14 of this year...didn't really need it this week!) + 3x4 Grid Cards
5. Lots of $1 stamps from Michaels
6. Corner Rounder (this isn't the same one I use, it has no markings on it and I can't find it anywhere, this is the one that Becky Higgins recommends for PL)
Not pictured: Scissors + Adhesive

And with just the things in this kit (okay, with just half the things in my kit...but seriously, I need all of that stuff!) I was able to put this layout together in my otherwise empty apartment!

What would be in your essential craft kit?


  1. That cute little basket makes me happy!! I can't even think of what would be in my essential craft kit!! I'm glad you are able to get some crafting done during this stressful (and exciting time!)

  2. A week without crafty stuff would be agony!
    You put a great little kit together! :)

    In the past, I have brought scrapbook mags and books with a journal to jot down notes sketches and ideas. So it's at least something.
    When I went to Ireland I brought a journal to document the trip and have used it many, many times for journaling or just to read.

    I think the next trip I go on though, I am going to put together one of those little travel journals, that I can fill up on the trip. So maybe some adhesive and pens.

    I never thought of Sharpies for journaling. I bet those are as good if not better than the expensive slick writers that don't last long enough!

  3. Katie this little basket is awesome! I love all that you fit into and I think you'll get a lot done on your Project Life!! I always try to take something crafty with me when we travel. Even if it's a sketchbook.

  4. I hope you and Katie get to meet...that is my dream is to meet quite a few of my on-line friends :)
    Great pages Katie, even without all of your essential goodies ;)
    I also need to take crafts with me where ever I go. My hubby calls me a bag lady, as I always have a bag of goodies at my feet during our road trips ;)


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