Friday, May 4, 2012

Been A Rough Friday....

My heart is heavy and I may or may not have been blubbering like a baby over a sweet dog that I have laid my eyes on only three times.  In a few of my recent posts, I have been brimming over with enthusiasm about this sweet girl.

This little girl stole my heart
I found out this morning, that they are going to have to give her back to the rescue group – I have a lump in my throat just typing it.  Although my father has no cat allergies, he is apparently quite allergic to Haley.  Every time my dad goes to love on her, he breaks out in a massive batch of hives.  The doctor feels like it is probably due to his compromised immune system.  The medication that they have given him is not something that he can stay on long term.  I am literally aching for both of them.  I feel horrible for Haley, because I know that my parents would have given her a wonderful life.  But I ache for my father because he has wanted a dog for such a long time and Haley would have been so good for him.
I have no idea why in the world I got attached so quickly, especially considering she is not mine….maybe that just happens when you are an animal lover.  Not sure if this makes things easier or not, but my mom told me that Haley doesn’t seem very happy.  Her foster home had other dogs and children…there was tons of play time.  Although my dad had her outside regularly, it definitely wasn’t as high energy as what she was used to.  As most dogs do, Haley loves attention – with the onset of the hives, it has become difficult for my dad to give her the hugs and attention that she craves and needs.  So, in light of that does it makes giving her up easier?  Perhaps.  Does it make me, and them hurt any less?  Resoundingly, NO!

Sorry to be such a downer on this beautiful FRIDAY, but I felt like it warranted a post.  Have a great weekend and give your fur babies an extra squeeze!


  1. Oh no. I'm in tears just reading about it. So is that it? Does she have to stay there? I feel so bad for your dad and you. Please let me know if there are any updates? Do you want me to still put Haley's picture on my blog? I don't want to make you sad. I'm sooo sorry. Hopefully something will work out. Please let me know about her picture. You know I just loved it.

  2. Please keep me updated. If there is anything I can do...I don't know what that would be...but please let me know.

  3. Julie, I'm so sorry for this most unexpected change. After the grief abates and you all adjust to the loss, perhaps you can look for a hypo-allergenic breed that will allow your dad the joy of having a pup without the pain of being allergic. Huggies.

  4. Oh... how sad for your dad and Haley :( And all of you really. I hope she finds a furever home with a family that loves her as much as yours does!


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