Wednesday, October 19, 2011

FINALLY - The Scrapbook Complete

As I am sure most of you know, last week I finally finished the wedding scrapbook that I have literally been working on for what seems like forever. Truth be told, I was still making little additions up until the day that I gave it to Lindsey. That is just what I do....I wanted it to be perfect for her. I am happy to say that she was thrilled!

Lindsey and I on the patio at Anejos
She told me that it was better than she ever could have imagined (which is a huge thing considering she is a scrapbooker herself) and as I was driving home she called to tell me that she didn't know how she could ever repay me. Lindsey said that it was the best wedding present that they received. Well, as a person who truly loves to scrapbook that was repayment enough....that short phone conversation had me beaming and that made all the work seem more than worthwhile. There is something truly special about doing something from the heart and genuinely knowing that the recipients treasure what you have created....PRICELESS!

And finally, another addition to TINTKRM:

Hope that you enjoy the scrapbook....I welcome your comments.  Good night, all!


  1. Gorgeous album! But I really had to comment because I LOVE THE STOP SIGN!!! How awesome is that?!?

    Back to why I came here now - lovely, lovely scrapbook! I should have you put together all of my unfinished ones!

  2. Thank you, Christine! I love, love, love to scrapbook. I am thinking of scrapping my HMB session just for fun. If you ever want to trade services let me know....a scrapbook for a session....hmmmmm.


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