Thursday, October 27, 2011

State Fair 2011

Here is my overdue post on the State Fair of Texas.  Two weekends ago, I took Zach and one of his soccer buddies for a day at the fair.  As a general rule, the fair just really isn't my thing. I think I have lived in Texas now for about 35 years and with the exception of the year that I worked a few weekends for my friends at one of their stands, I have attended the fair a grand total of one time.  I decided this year that good or bad, Zachary should at least be able to say that he had experienced it.  We got an early start to avoid the initial crowds and by 9:25 AM were already scoping out the midway.  Zachary tackled a huge slide to start off and the boys rode a few more rides before we decided to move on.

Monster slide to start the day

Bumper cars

Gabe on the TX Tornado - it was a favorite.  Even I got on - twice!
Z enjoying the TX tornado
 Zach's friend Gabe was eager to get to the petting zoo area.  Apparently, he had never seen a pig in real life only on that even possible????  We spent quite a bit of time there, but it was so crowded.  I loved the baby goats, but there was a wide array of different animals to experience. 

Gabe finally got to see those piglets
From there we headed to the Centennial building to see the boy toys - cars, motorcycles, ATVs. 

Zach's new ride....NOT!!!!
The boys really enjoyed this stop and I got a quick visit with my sweet friend Megan, her husband Justin and her mom Melanie.  They were gracious enough to treat us to lunch at their restaurant which was a HUGE boost to the fair budget!  I wanted to take a photo, but they were pretty swamped.  As a side note....Justin's creation "Fried Bubblegum" was awarded "Most Creative" fried food at the fair this year.

Zach with the Fried Bubblegun
At this point, the boys wanted to go back to the midway.  I told them after the Midway we were going to be headed back home because the midway was where we started and it was very close to the entrance where the car was parked.  They did not object and off we went.  The only down side to the day was the approximately 12 minutes in which we became separated from Gabe while we were trying to navigate through the one million people in the Fletcher's corny dog line.  I don't know if I have ever been so freaked out in my entire life.  It is one level of panic if you misplace your own child but something all together different when you misplace someone else's pride and joy.  Zach and I quickly beelined for one of the many police stands and gave the officer Gabe's pertinent information.  In the midst of my panic the officer reassuringly told me that they hadn't lost a child yet and didn't plan to start with Gabe.  He was quickly located and back with us, but it was quite a scare.  Although it seemed like I was much more freaked out than he was, the rest of the afternoon Gabe held onto to Zach's backpack whenever the crowds got thick.  I still consider myself a really great mom, but I would be lying if I said that experience didn't shake me to the core!

I don't believe that we saw even a fourth of all there is to see at the fair, but you know what?  The boys had a great time and to me that was what it was all about.  On the way home Zach said to me "Mom, that was a lot of fun, but it isn't like we have to do it every year!"  You gotta love that boy!!

This super cool sign was carved out of an actual pumpkin
Another addition to "TINTKRM":

Just a friendly reminder.

We have a super busy weekend coming up....haircut, soccer game, Zach's annual pictures with our favorite photographer and if we are lucky maybe a movie and a little R & R on Sunday.  Hopefully, the cool weather is finally here to stay for awhile - I know that I am enjoying it!  Hope everyone has a great weekend - night!

Oh, as a final note...I AM NOT a huge baseball fan at all.  BUT, the Rangers are two runs up and two innings away from clinching their first ever World Series.  I have to is pretty exciting!!! 

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