Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Disney Cruise Scrapbook: Part 2

I hope that you all enjoyed part one of the scrapbook.  If you missed it, you can catch up here.  As I mentioned yesterday, I had originally planned to do this whole album with pocket pages, but as I think you will see with Part 2, I definitely had my fair share of traditional layouts as well.

The left side of the page is documenting our arrival into St. Maarten.  For this day we booked a beach day excursion where we were dropped off at Orient Bay for a big part of the day.  Hands down, St. Maarten has the most beautiful beaches and water that I have had the pleasure of experiencing.  I could have easily spent several days there!

Here is the rest of St. Maarten - sandcastles were built and mama got some relaxing time under the umbrella.  I was definitely a little camera happy this day!

After leaving St. Maarten, we celebrated Pirates in the Caribbean night.  We all wore pirate bandanas at dinner, and the evening menu was printed up like a treasure map.  They had a special show with fireworks on deck that evening, but somebody was way too tuckered out to attend.  Luckily, his dad went up and captured a few pictures that I added with a 6x12 insert.

I love this layout!  I just gathered a bunch of pictures that I had of Zach enjoying the big Mickey pool. The paper and stickers came from a kit that I purchased at one of the gift shops on the ship.

These were just  a few fun pictures that I wanted to document.  We were excited to get to the cabin each night to see what kind of towel animal we had waiting. I am a sucker for sleeping kids (even now that mine is 13), but i also loved that in addition to our fun towels animals, we were also surprised that during evening turndown  Mickey and Goofy got tucked in too!

 Our day in St. Thomas was extra special because it was also Zachary's 5th birthday.  I couldn't get enough of that gorgeous water and we had a full day planned.

We took the Sky Tram to the this little restaurant were dad and I sampled the Bushwacker...seriously delicious adult beverage, and took in the beautiful views.  Then we watched the bird show which Zachary really enjoyed.

Later in the day we took the Dubloon Sail and snorkeled with  huge turtles....we got really close to them and I was so proud of Zach!  He paddled out and dunked his head so he could get a good look. The right side is cute pics I captured of him opening his birthday basket from mom, dad and Mickey. We ordered it from a shop in Orlando and they made sure it was on the ship before we took off.  The ship delivered it to our state room on Zach's special day...what a treat!

On the evening of Zach's birthday he got the royal treatment.  He received this huge slice of birthday cake with the awesome banner, he wore a button all day long that said "It's My Birthday", and even got a special meeting with Belle!

The character breakfast was so much fun!  We got to meet Mickey, Goofy, Pluto and Chip n Dale. This and the layout above are two of my favorites.

Well that wraps up Part 2.  If you are excited about any of the layouts, I would love for to give them a little Pinterest Love...just click and pin!!!  Part 3 will have to wait until Friday, because Thursday, Katie will be here for Third Thursday Scrapbook Stories.  Can't wait to see what she has to share.  Thank you so much for stopping by!

A little after the fact....I am linking up with Capturing Magical Memories for Memory Keeping Monday....they do digital over there, and the layouts are amazing.  Luckily, they are open to all scrappers, so I still feel welcome......

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  1. Part 2 is awesome! Love all the layouts and the photos of course! You have done a great job on this album. Doesn't it make you want to go back? I'm ready for a bushwacker!

  2. I love these layouts, all of them. They really make you feel special don't they? (Disney) Has Zach enjoyed looking at the book?

  3. Jules you really went all out with being prepared and organized to have his baskets delivered, etc. What a great mom! This trip looked fantastic and its fun to live it through you. Great job on this.

  4. Oh no! My comment disappeared - bad internet connection here :(

    Anyway, I'll try again!

    I really love all of your layouts for this book - especially the 12x12 ones! The font that you used for the titles is really awesome, I love how it pops and really makes an impact on the page!

    Zach's 5th birthday looked so cool! And you are awesome for planning to have the basket delivered ahead of time!

  5. Oh my gosh! This is the 3rd time that my internet timed out while trying to post my comment! I'm copying it this time in case it happens again!

    Your layouts are great. This book is looking great! I love how you did the titles on your layouts, they really make an impact on the page. And your pictures are amazing - they make me want to go to the Caribbean right now!

    Zach's 5th birthday sounds AWESOME! And you were awesome to get the basket ordered ahead of time so it would be there for him! How cool!

  6. Wow, you sure have a lot of great layouts.
    Looks like a fun time was had by all on your trip.


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