Monday, February 3, 2014

Project Life Roadblock

I had high hopes of having some 2014 Project Life layouts to share with you this morning, but alas - I hit a roadblock.  Even though I now have my handy dandy Canon Selphy picture printer, I had a lot to print (not just for PL), so I decided to just place an order at CVS.   With all of the sorting and crazy slow upload times, this project pretty much took the entire afternoon.  I was not a happy camper and it was just plain frustrating.  I have got to come up with a better organization system and a better game plan....if any of you have suggestions, please enlighten me!  I am seriously struggling!  Oh yea, and there is the other thing...a lot of my pictures just aren't that good.  I mean, I guess they will do....moments will be documented, but dang the pictures are lacking!  I have got to get through my Shoot Fly Shoot classes, so that I can step up my game.  It is really difficult to get excited about layouts with lackluster pictures.  In the midst of  a lot of mediocrity, I came upon this heart exploded!

This was from one of our ice days at the beginning of December.  My DSLR is REALLY old, so the preview screen is really small.  Sometimes, what I think turned out great is not really great and evidently the reverse is also true.

On a more fun note, I am going to an all day crop on Saturday.  Even though it is just one day, getting away from home with only scrapping to focus on seems to be exactly what I need to get my rear in gear.  That Disney album may get finished yet!


  1. Honestly I am not much help because the keeping up with and timely printing of photos is what did me in with PL. I think having a printer at home does help.
    One suggestion I would definitely make is maybe try to print out each week's photos that week. Even if you don't scrap them right away. Then put them in a photo box and label with that week. Then you don't get behind on the printing the photos and they are ready to go when you are.
    That is probably what I should do!

  2. First of all - that is an awesome picture!!! And yay for an all day crop! That sounds like a lot of fun!

    Okay, now for way way more information about pictures than you probably wanted...

    With my pictures, I organize them on the computer in folders by week with any important details in the folder name (for example: 01.20-01.26 house inspection, snow day). That way, they are easy to find for PL, but also easy to find if I want to scrap a special event from those pictures too.

    Then, I upload them to Shutterfly with the same folder/album names. I try to do this every week, but sometimes I get behind. If I have a lot to upload, I will set up the computer to upload them when I can walk away and do other things. So, I'll set it to upload while I'm cooking dinner, and then they'll be ready to order when we are done eating! I order from Shutterfly to pick up at CVS or Walgreens or Target.

    If I realize I didn't order something I wanted or a photo isn't working and needs to be replaced while I'm scrapping, that's when I use my at home printer.

    So yeah, that's what's been working for me. Although I definitely get behind on ordering photos! I try to do it every week, but it doesn't always happen!

  3. Good for you on getting away and getting stuff done on your project.
    That pic is tooo adorable!!
    There just isnt enough time in the day anymore. lol Love you!

  4. Thank is such a great photo of your handsome son and your puppy :)
    I seem to be only taking photos with my cell phone…some photos are great others not to much…but its about documenting our day :)

  5. Wow this is a gorgeous shot of your two loves!! Stunning! The all day crop sounds like so much fun. It's been so long since I've hosted one of those (or done one!). I bet you will finish that Disney album! Now I need to get back to my books, you've inspired me!

  6. Omg that picture is awesome! Such a treasure:) the way I look at project life is, is not always about a great photo, it's about documenting the every day. So sometimes all I have is crappy, blurry photo and I just use it, because the story is there and that's what we did that day.

  7. Sorry to post this here - I am trying to contact you and your connect buttons are inactive.

  8. This pic is truly awesome. The colors are so brilliant too. And let's not forget to mention that he obviously takes after you.

  9. Great picture! I should really invest in a new camera. So many shots I take don;t come out good with my old one.


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