Wednesday, January 15, 2014

And Then....I Tackled the Beast

To put things in simple blogging mojo has been seriously MIA.  This has also seeped into my crafty mojo as well.  I don't like is no fun at all.  Good news is, I feel it coming back!  I know, I are having a difficult time containing your excitement.  I have been copiously making notes on posts that I want to write....some are even started.  And then, last night to jump start the crafty mojo...I tackled this:

No doubt about it, this was downright crippling.  During my long holiday break, I had every intention of finishing up two scrapbooks that I have in the works.  Then I would walk into my room to face this scrappy landfill and all the motivation flew right out the window.  I went from pure insanity to this, in one evening....

I am not going to fib and tell you that there is not a healthy pile out of this shot that needs to be sorted through...some things trashed and others filed and placed where they belong, but there is a pretty awesome work space just waiting to be used, and I am welcoming the inspiration!  In tackling this project I feel renewed to start the blogging back as well.  My hope is that in the VERY near future you will be seeing my long overdue December recaps (I had the big girl camera out A LOT) as well as the culmination of a couple of scrapbooks...oh yea, and the start of my 2014 Project Life album - notice Becky Higgins is front and center on that uber tidy work space. A new gadget as well as getting a little png. file learn on have renewed my resolve and PL will be happening this year even if I get a bit of a late start.....mark my word!

For those of you that have stuck with me and are still here...thank you from the bottom of my heart!  I am looking forward to getting back in the swing of things with more scrapping and more regular posts.  Check back tomorrow when Katie will be here with the first installment of Third Thursday Scrapbook Stories for 2014.  Thank you so much for stopping by!


  1. That looks fabulous!!! You do have an awesome work space now!! It helps me to have an organized work space--even though I mess it up in no time! Great to see you"back"!

  2. Nothing will get the mojo flowing like a clean desk!! It looks awesome!! Looking forward to everything you have coming up!

  3. Your desk looks awesome!!! Can you send some cleaning mojo this way? Mine is a wreck!

    Can't wait to see everything you have planned - especially the Project Life stuff :)

  4. Your desk looks awesome!!!!
    A clean desk really does inspire one to create :)
    If nothing else its a clean area to sort the mess on the floor (in my instance, teehee)
    Looking forward to your projects :)

  5. That is always such a good feeling!
    To have a clean space, and yours looks fabulous.
    I think I have a pile or two like that to sort through here as well :)


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