Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Random Runneth Over and Tuesday Tunes

Why yes, I am still alive....but I have had a horrible case of "I have nothing to say".....sad but totally true.  It isn't even writer's block I don't think, just nothing that I really thought you guys would be interested in.  There is a whole lot of random swimming around in my brain that I guess I can share in list form at which point you all may wish that I would have just kept it to myself.  Here goes nothing......

*my baby boy started junior high yesterday....which is scary enough as it is (at least for me), but this is his first time in public school - he has been in a bubble for the last seven years and mama is freaked out!

*I am beyond excited to FINALLY meet this sweet lady in person a week from Friday.  Katie is flying to the big ol' Lone Star Sate to see me for the weekend...EEEEKK!!!!

My Photo

*the weekend after that I am heading to the Sunshine State with these beautiful ladies for Girl's Weekend round 2....Round 1 was Chicago 2012.  I cannot tell you how much I am looking forward to some beach time and catching up with dear friends......MUCH needed.  Luckily Jennifer lives in Orlando, so she and her husband are playing hosts for Megan and I.  They have a beautiful house on the lake that I can't wait to see! 

*as I briefly mentioned literally months ago I finally got a DSLR....it was a gift and it kind of just fell into my lap.  Unfortunately the first night that I had it...the case was dropped and the fancy zoom lens that I had (although, I really had no idea how to use it) ceased to zoom.  Cue the tears...seriously!  There was actually a Nikon repair store not too far from home so I took it there.  The owner told me that although my camera was old, it was a great camera...all metal fittings and the new ones of course are plastic.  He was skeptical that the lens could be repaired, but suggested that I think about it and also check ebay.  I would have had to pay $55 just to have the lens looked at with no guarantee and then an additional $75 plus if it could actually be fixed.  I scored a perfect condition, totally functioning one on ebay for $107.25.  Go me!  I am back in business and ready to capture something great on my Florida adventure.  But remember, I still can't use that thing off of AUTO.  I do have two online classes through Shoot Fly Shoot that I am dying to delve into.  I am a visual learner so I am hoping they are really going to help me!  Can't thank KF enough for his generosity...I am beyond blessed! 

* I am still making progress at my new place, but there is still so much that I want to do.  I wanted to have my gallery wall done by the time that Katie came to visit, but I just can't commit yet.  I have a lot of ideas but am so chicken to commit, for fear that I am making the "wrong" decision.  I know - pathetic isn't it?  Still need curtains and the Expedit storage system for my scrapping supplies.  I did make progress on the outside a couple of weeks ago.  A friend from work came over and helped me with seven bags of mulch and she transplanted some plants from her place to my mine.  Some didn't take too kindly to the move and some are thriving.  I am getting compliments from several neighbors about the fact that I am taking care of the yard.  My duplex is a rental and apparently the last few renters did absolutely nothing, so I am feeling good that people are noticing.  I like for my place to look nice (although, I was not blessed with a green thumb)....even if it isn't actually mine but we are are planning on staying at least until Zachary graduates from high school, so I want to make it a home for us.

We went back for 4 more bags of mulch and this was prior to weed pulling
*My dear friends Holli & Todd are getting married at Delaney Vineyards in Grapevine this weekend and I seriously could not be more excited.  They are the most fun couple and things have been pretty crazy for them since their engagement in December......they so deserve to have the most wonderful of wedding days....I cannot forget my kleenex!!!  I have loved doing little crafty projects for them for their wedding.  They are leaving little goodie bags at the hotel for their out of town guests and she wanted them Texas themed.

At least I warned you...I believe that was the worst case of random that I have ever posted at one time.  I guess I did have things to say just nothing on it's own worthy of an entire post...lol.

Finally, just to give this post some street cred (yep, I did jut say that).  I am linking up with HolliLeslyn and Lauren for:

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I LOVE this song.....I am quite sure that men like this no longer exist, if they ever did, but a girl can always dream can't she?????  I am betting that a woman wrote it, so of course I looked it up.  BINGO.....A woman did CO-write it.  Thank you Rodney Clawson and Ashley Gorley!  Enjoy!

Even though I was a day early, I am also linking up with Megan from In This Wonderful Life for Midweek Randoms, because lets face it....this post was ALL about the random.


  1. Wow that was a great update!! I haven't had too much to say lately myself either. I loved hearing all your comings and goings. I can't believe you and Katie are getting together on Friday! How fun!!!!
    You have a lot of great things to look forward to! Hope Zack is adjusting well to Jr High! (and mom too). I will have to check out that song, I don't know it.

  2. Yay, for you and Katie! So jealous in a good way :)
    Hope you will share pictures!

    And yay, on the lens. That had to be frustrating at first, so glad it worked out! I remember Mike buying me a new point and shoot camera for Christmas a few years back. Erin dropped it with the lens out the second day I had it! Totally busted. But Canon was great and sent me a refurbished one to replace it because it was not fixable. So glad that wasn't a total loss!

    I also know what you mean about committing with decor. I am the same way!

  3. How are junior high school and public school going? Those are two big changes!

    I cannot wait for my visit!!!!

    I know what you mean about the gallery wall. Committing to decor can be so difficult. I always struggle with it! That's probably why I change mine up so often...and we have so many holes in our walls!

    That is great that you were able to get your camera back in working order! I recently dropped my point and shoot. It doesn't work quite the same, but with my phone and dslr, I'm reluctant to get it fixed!

  4. I am soooo glad that you're in my life! You've helped me so much during a very stressful (but fun) time of my life. Thank you so much.
    Just do it! Hang the stuff on the walls. YOu can always change it. Have a wonderful next few weeks.xoxoxo

  5. You always make me laugh :) I hope school is going AWESOME for Zach! (and you) Two big changes at once, huh? I can't wait to hear about Katie's visit and can't even tell you how bummed I am that we won't be able to make it, this time :( You have an exciting few weeks coming up!! That's great news about the lens and I love that you're taking care of your new place and the neighbors are appreciative!

  6. LoL.....well I've enjoyed this post - music and all! Don't be too hard on yourself about the gallery wall - I'm so indecisive that sometimes my 'maybes' go right out of fashion before I get there...!!

  7. I loved this update :) Glad to see that you are really learning some awesome skills with the camera! :)


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