Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Did It....Well Sort Of, Not Really

I have procrastinated on this post long enough, but I have decided to get it over with so that I can just move on.  My 5K was one week ago this past Saturday.  I knew going in that I was in no condition to finish it as I had imagined it....running the entire way.  I am battling what we believe is a pinched nerve in my lower back.  It does not make for great running, but at least we solved the mystery of the tingling feet.  I probably should have sat it out, but I have incredible friends that signed up to do the race with me, one driving all the way from Plano and I just couldn't bare to bail after they signed up to support me....did I mention that my friends ROCK?!?!

It was cold that morning.....I mean like in the 40's with a good wind, but actually that is better than heat, at least in my book.  I would say that all in all I might have jogged close to half, but it was very sporadic.  In the spirit of keeping it real, I was frustrated, mad and kind of disappointed in myself.  I wanted this so bad and my body just wasn't cooperating.  On a plus note, I did finish and I was actually running when I crossed the finish line as well as running up a pretty good hill prior to the finish.

I haven't attempted to run since then, but I have taken a few walks and somedays even that is challenge to complete, at least comfortably.  I think my next step is to try to find a beginners yoga or pilates class.  I have been told that this will strengthen my core and in turn help in my running (thanks for the advice Dawn and Judy).  I am not giving up but this back thing is definitely a big set back and is going to take some time to work through.  For now, I am not planning anymore 5K's until my back is stronger and I am confident that I can complete the race the way that I want.

Ending on a couple of really positive notes, the race - Trinity Bright Halloween 5K was for a wonderful cause and you can read about it here.  Her parents were at the race and were so grateful for all the runners and volunteers that participated.  And finally, Brian (he is one of my bosses at work) and his wife Judy won an AWESOME wine cooler during the raffle.  They were pumped to say the least!

I can't end this post without thanking my dear friend won't see her in any of the pictures, but she is the woman behind the camera.  She tends to be a little camera shy and drove a long way to be at the race and support me.  Thank you, Alicia and to Brian, Judy and meant the world to me to have a cheering section when I finally crossed the finish line.  Love you guys!


  1. Congratulations! That is great that you were able to finish the race!

    I hope you are feeling better and that you can find a yoga or pilates class that you enjoy. I really love yoga, it does strengthen your core a lot! Which I'm sure would help with know, it I actually even ran on any consistent basis!

  2. Girl be proud of yourself! YOU ARE AWESOME! Super proud of you for finishing... regardless of the conditions! No need for shame ;)
    ps hosting my first giveaway on the blog today! Head on over and join in on the party!

  3. So awesome that you finished the race :) :) :) !!!!!!!! Let us know how the yoga and pilates goes... My husband wants me to start P90X this weekend with him. Bahahahaha!

  4. WOW- so proud of you for running in the 5k. I am No where near being in the shape to do one. I have a terrible back and it was also recommedend to me to take Yoga classes.

  5. Congratulations on running the 5k! Having the courage to get out there and try is something I really admire and you did it with a pinched nerve! Wow! You're awesome. Hope your back is feeling better soon.

  6. woman... you ROCK whether you run, walk or crawl!
    kudos to you for turning adversity into a positive experience!

    adore ya!

  7. You did it! I remember running my first 5k... It was so exhilarating! Way to go!

  8. I think anyone who runs, walks, jogs a race like this is amazing! And congrats to you for finishing!!
    I agree about yoga. And the plus is if you find a good class with a patient teacher, it really is relaxing and a stress relief as well :)

  9. Well done!! I think yoga will definitely strengthen your core and not just help your running, but your back as well! Congrats!!


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