Thursday, January 26, 2012

A Commitment Made - A Goal Set

I have been wanting to start running for years....on and off.  With that being said, I am also the type of person that does best when I have a buddy....somebody who I am not necessarily accountable to, but knows what I am doing and might give me a little encouragement now and then or just check up on me to see how things are going.  Today, as I was once again daydreaming  about crossing the finish line of that ever elusive 5K....I put out a small SOS via Facebook to my dear friend Megan.  Yes, I blogged about her yesterday and she is one of my "Chicago Bound" GFs.  I asked her if she was doing any running.  Megan is the Wonder Woman in the healthy eating world in my book.  She is the one that recommended I read Eating Animals that overnight turned me into a vegetarian.  She also went vegan pretty much cold turkey - but rest assured that no turkeys were harmed!  If you would like to look her up in the blog world, you can find her here at Two Parts Sunshine.  She blogs about sustainability, eco friendly and cruelty free products - all very near and dear to her heart! Anyway coincidently, or not, she recently started running and said that she would love to have a running buddy.  I am now officially pumped!  I am going to start the Couch Potato to 5K training program tomorrow and hopefully we will be hitting the trails together before we leave for Chi-Town.  Megan also said that she would be willing to do my first 5K with me - which ideally would take place before the blistering heat of the TX  summer sets in.....bleh!!!!!  I am now officially committed.....I have a "buddy", I  have put it in writing on the www for everybody to read, and I have set a goal.  This is the year that I am going to do it......NO EXCUSES.   Please check back to follow my progress.....I am shooting for weekly updates.  If you don't see those updates, for Heaven's sake, call my rear out!  I saw this post on FB today and thought that it was so appropriate:
"No matter how slow u go, u are lapping everybody on the couch.”
I think that will be my new mantra!  Can't wait to see how this goes and big thanks go out to Megan for giving me that little boost - whether she knew it or not.  Have  a great evening.....tomorrow is FRIDAY!!!

Megan and I celebrating my 40th.....uugghh!
On a sidenote....I hope that it did not go unnoticed that I, the sporadic poster, have posted two days in a row.  Somebody stop the presses!!!


  1. Good luck on your goal! Public accountability is important! :) Proud of you! NOT running with you but proud of YOU! :)
    way to go on 2 posts! :D

  2. Good luck. I am rooting for you.
    - Your old Y messenger friend.

  3. Julie that's fantastic! Good luck with your goal of crossing that 5K finish line!


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