Wednesday, December 21, 2011

What A Party and Not Quite As Expected (Wraptastic)

Yep, it is hump day (barely) and I am just filling you in on the weekend.  Saturday was a whirlwind.....haircut and Christmas shopping, and then getting ready for a surprise 40th birthday party.  My dear friend Jan was planning her boss' wife's party.  After planning my mom's party earlier in the year, I was more than happy to help.  I can't take much credit....she did virtually all of the legwork, but my crafty side kicked in to help pull things together.  I did table numbers, the seating chart and drink tickets. 
Drink coupons

Not a great pic, but you can kind of see the table numbers
The party was a huge success....she was totally surprised and everyone had a great time.  There was dinner, a lot of dancing and of course some adult beverages.  Jan hired a great photographer (Jesse was already booked for a wedding).  Winn Fuqua was all over the place and I think that he literally took hundreds of photos.  We are expecting the discs any time now and I can't wait to get a glimpse.  There is a good chance that he will show up on my "Photographers That Rock" page very soon.  My photographer freak flag was definitely flying!  I am doing a scrapbbok for the birthday girl and because of all of Winn's hard work that night, I am pretty sure that it is going to rock as well!  Stay tuned for crafty updates.

Here is where the "Not Quite As Expected" (or Wraptastic) part comes in.  I had every intention of having Christmas "wrapped" up by Sunday evening.  Shopping done, packages wrapped and decorated and ready to go to my parent's house.  And, if I was feeling really productive I would get that craft table from really....back to a state where you could actually see that it was made of wood.  It has been buried for weeks.  Late last week a FB friend posted that she needed help wrapping presents for the less fortunate.  Without much thought at all, I responded back that I would love to help.  Although, I didn't get my stuff done, it was a wonderful day spent with good friends.  In the midst of all the hussle and bussle of the holidays it was good to focus on those less fortunate and in return remind myself  how very much I have to be thankful for.  Thank you to Jason and Michelle for letting me share in your generosity and amazing giving spirit, in the true spirit of Christmas!  So, the goal of getting everything done has been pushed back a bit....tomorrow at the latest, but if you know my procrastinating nature you will know that will still be quite an accomplishment.
This was my second pile.

Everywhere you looked there was elfin magic!
Wraptastic 101

In closing, Zachary has picked up a bit of a photography bug - momma AND  her freak flag are thrilled!  Just had to share these photos he took of our less than camera loving Jack....he is very proud.

Yes, those hanging down lights are a result of Jack...he is just one really good bite away from a Christmas Vacation incident.

Jack's close up!
Night All!

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  1. Haha, that comment about the Christmas vacation cat cracks me up! How nice of you to spread Christmas spirit by volunteering your time. You are absolutely right that this is a perfect time to give back and to give thanks. I hope you, Zachary, Jack, and the rest of your family have a very Merry Christmas!


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