Thursday, December 29, 2011

I Made It and Two Great Days of Christmas

I know with it being the 28th of December this is now a non issue...but I just had to share.  Remember, the revised deadline I gave myself of the 22nd to have packages wrapped and safely delivered under my parent's beautiful tree?  I did it!

Hard to see, but trust me....they are there!
I think I mentioned in an earlier post that I was doing a bunch of crafty stuff for small office gifts and a couple of out of town friends, but didn't want to share before I presented the gifts.  As they are.

Gift bags, small treat bags, gift box and a Christmas card.
Close up of the gift bags and gift box (my first "blog friend" loved her gift box)
Close up of the treat bags

The best part of Christmas was that I got my sweet boy back.  He spent the first part of his holiday break with his dad and I was dying to see him.  Zach's dad was kind enough to snap a photo for us when he dropped him off so we actually have one with all four us.  Unfortunately, because it is just the four of us we rarely have a complete family photo on Christmas and I just hate that!!!  This one is definitely a keeper....

Our little family
Zach and I spent the whole day at my parents.  My mom cooked two wonderful meals, we opened packages....

Mimi and Dad Dad gave him 4th row tickets to Mythbusters
A new printer
and we somehow convinced my sweet mom (who is more of a non violence, no bad talking, sweet story kind of movie lover) to see MI 4: Ghost Protocol.  It was awesome!  She was quite the trooper and went along for the ride.

Day 2 of Christmas began with an early morning trip to Best Buy.  Zachary asked everyone for money for his birthday and by early November he was well on his way to having enough money to buy a new laptop.  Last year, I got him a rebuilt one but it definitely left a lot to be desired.  So, even though there was an error on the Best Buy website and we arrived 40 minutes after the store opened - he found exactly what he wanted and all was well in new laptop land!

The eagerly anticipated new laptop.....he loved that I whipped out the camera in the middle of BB - you would think he would have learned by now
Zachary's Uncle Tommy was in town from Boston for the holiday so we all (Zach's dad, Uncle and I) decided to take Zach to Holiday in the Park.  I am so glad that we can all get along so well and do things together for Z.  I think it is good for him and I feel very blessed that we are at a place where outings like this are not only doable but also enjoyable.  It was a little cold and a little damp, but we really had a lot of fun. 
Zachary sledding on the snow hill
Zachary and his dad...Z finally got to actually drive the go karts and he had so much fun!

Robert, Zachary, Me and Uncle Tommy

I am know officially exhausted...I have literally been fighting with Blogger for hours.  Every time I tried to enlarge a picture and add a caption, my picture would be moved to another place on the post.  Success at last!  It appears that I fought Blogger and I WON (well except for that one paragraph that won't left justify even though it says it is...GRRRR)!  I hope that you all had a very Merry Christmas....night!

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