Monday, May 2, 2011

Blessed to Be His Mom

I have noticed that when I dedicate a large portion, if not all of a post to the behavior of my is usually not a good thing.  Well, this evening I have decided to change that.  I would love to think that I have seen the last of the behavior that generally makes me compelled to blog, or I feel that I will surely explode.  But I am nothing if not a realist, and I have no delusions about what I will face in the future - or next week for that matter.  But this weekend was pure bliss as Zachary's mom.  If you haven't read the previous blog, take a little peak at the pictures of my cubicle.  This project has been an albatross around my neck for the last week.  When it finally ships out next week, I cannot even imagine the relief that I am going to feel.  OK, back to Zachary.  Saturday I asked him if he would come to the office with me because I really wanted to get a jump start on the shipping labels and sorting for this huge mail out.  Without much arm twisting he agreed and off we went.  Almost five hours later, the boxes were loaded, neatly stacked and all the shipping labels were ready.  During that time we took a quick break for a snack, Zachary cranked up a little Usher on the i-Pod and I amused him with the Choo Choo just can't make this stuff up!  Until we were getting ready to leave there was no whining or complaining, just my sweet boy helping his mom out.   He did finally tell me that after all that standing his feet hurt and he was starving.  At this point it was almost 8 PM and he looked at me and asked if we could get a pizza.  That was a no brainer.  Over the remainder of the weekend I have thanked him again and again for his help.  Being 10, I am sure that he doesn't fully realize what a tremendous help that he actually was or how much I treasure that time with him where there was no talking back...nothing but cooperation.  It may not seem like a big deal, but it meant the world to me.  That is how simple is is for me to have an amazing weekend....."one Beautiful Day".  Today was supposed to be skatepark day.  But we woke up to a chilly, wind blowing, huge chance of rain day and we just didn't make it.  Again, he tagged along on errands that I know weren't much fun with no complaints.  He reminded me several times late this afternoon that "mom, it didn't rain".  He was right,  the rain didn't show up - at least in Arlington - until well after dark.  To my wonderful Zachary owes you one!!!!  Thank you again for all of your help...I love you more than you can ever imagine!

Zachary called me into his room right before bed...telling me that he had something to show me.  The only way I know to decscribe it is to tell you that he climbed the door frame in his closet.  He was quite impressed with himself and of course I ran to get the camera, all the while he was yelling for me to hurry because he wasn't sure how long he could stay like that.  After seeing the picture he told me "now that I wouldn't mind you blogging".  So, just for you it is:

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