Thursday, March 26, 2015

Until That One Time In January.....

I would never be praised for being a super star blogger.  I get distracted, I get overwhelmed and sometimes there is so much flying around in my brain that I don't know what to type first.  Lately, it has been a little bit of all of the above rolled into one.  My list of post topics is so long that quite frankly it intimidates me because hello, sometimes I can't peel myself away from binge watching Empire (how can anyone get enough of the cat fights between Cookie and Boo Boo Kitty????). Sadly, that is a 100% true least it was this past weekend especially since I am pretty much all but benched from all cardio in the entire world with the exception of swimming.  Anybody local have a pool handy for laps????  But that's a post for another time.
I have been so very blessed to have "met" so many wonderful women through blogging.  Many I am only able to communicate with through email, blog comments and snail mail (love it!). While others I have had the pleasure of meeting in person and the really special ones I consider dear know who you are!!!!  Anyway, I would say that 99% of my social media connections were born via blogging.  Until that one time....
Somehow, back in January or so I stumbled upon Ali's can find her at unrefinedsweetlife. At that time I don't think that I was actually following, but I started as quickly as I found her.  She does amazing hand lettering that I just swooned over.  I do have fairly decent writing, but have not managed to master the art of hand lettering. After scrolling through her feed and seeing so many of her daily doodles...this one stopped me in my tracks...
My One Little Word for 2015 is SHINE.  I just knew that I had to have something similar.  I quickly liked the picture and commented asking if she had a shop.  Much to my dismay she did not.   She said it was definitely something that she had thought about but it just hadn't happened yet.  Lucky for me, Ali is from Boston and she was bracing for the first round of blizzards.  She said she was bored and would be happy to make something up for me.  My heart was full and I could not believe that a virtual stranger would go out of her way to not only make, but ship something half way across the country after a brief IG exchange.  To take it to the next level she made up several versions so that I got to choose....I told you, this lady is a GEM with a heart of gold!
I chose the one that I loved the best and with a few final tweaks, it was done.  I had to patiently wait through endless snow, because Ali was unable to get to the post office.  I was not in a hurry for it, but was thrilled none the less when it showed up.  Here is the finished product and honestly....I couldn't love it more, not only is it it the artist - both inside and out!!!
I couldn't leave out the sweetest part of her work.  Ali left me a note on the back....I loved that personal touch, and that she considered me her first "customer".
I am happy to report that Ali now has a shop for her "doodles".    She has some designs that are available for immediate download and if I am not mistaken, she is also available for custom orders.  If you are interested you can find her work HERE.  You won't be disappointed!
In case you are interested in learning more about Ali, you can find her (and her hubby, James) blogging at unrefined sweet life.  Yep, they both blog!  In their words:

We are James & Ali, a happy couple living in the great city of Boston. Our little blog first started out as a way to keep track of all our kitchen creations. However, after a year, we decided to branch out and write about other parts of our life that we are passionate about. We hope you enjoy our little slice of the internet!

Thank you so much for stopping by...even though I am the most sporadic blogger ever.  BTW, it drives me plum crazy when no matter what I do, the spacing on my post WILL NOT COOPERATE!  #sporadicbloggerprobs


  1. Hi Julie! I have been reading your blog and I was hoping you could help. You are able to reach so many people!! My name is Ashley and I run a nonprofit called We work with military families around the country. Please look at our website: I was hoping through our conversation and your viewing of our website you could help us gain some support, volunteers, and prayers for our success and the safety of the families we work with.

  2. I love you!! I am so blessed that we met through this blogging world. You're now a family friend to Todd and myself. Oh and you have amazing penmanship!! I write like a kindergardner.

  3. You shouldn't be surprised how kind people can be, as you are one of them <3
    Do you have a word for 2016?
    I have never chose a word, but am thinking this year I should….something to do with not procrastinating anymore, lol.


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